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How to Board Up Windows for a Hurricane

Preparing your house for an impending hurricane or tropical storm? Here’s how to install plywood panels to keep flying debris at bay.

How to Replace a Door Threshold

How to put your exterior entryway back on solid footing.

10 Uses for an Egg Carton

After the eggs are all scrambled and eaten, the container is useful for home improvement

All About Kitchen Cabinets

More than just storage for pots and plates, cabinetry defines the look of your cook space. The experts at This Old House help you pick the right style for your budget and your needs

Wood Window Styles

Windows are among a home's most distinguishing details. Let the architecture of your place help determine a complementary style

All About Wood Windows

Whether you're looking for new units to outfit an addition or replacements for your existing windows, the experts at This Old House sort through the options to simplify your search

Don't Get Nailed: A Guide to Avoiding Nail-Gun Injuries

Wherein we, um, hammer home safety tips for one common power tool

The Language of Lumber

The words used in the industry to describe wood can be conflicting and confusing. Here's a crib sheet to help you understand just what the pros are talking about.

10 Uses for Steel Wool

What you can do with friction, elbow grease, and this ball of spun steel?

10 Uses for Foam Spray

Fix, seal, and bond with these useful leftovers