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A Small Kitchen Gains Space Within the Same Footprint

Opened-up to adjacent spaces, removed doors, and scaled-down walls and appliances made the existing footprint feel bigger

Federal Style

America's first homegrown style, born out of Revolutionary pride, still resonates today

Water the Lawn With Your Saturday Night Bath

These three gray-water retrofits can shrink your water bill—forever

Spacious and Stylish Tudor Revival Kitchen for a 1920s Home

The walls came down and period-appropriate details were dialed up for a vintage look

A Kitchen Designer Designs for Herself

When a kitchen designer's kitchen wasn't efficient—or her style—she came up with a clever design to make the space super-functional

The Forever Expanding House

How one man simplified a lifetime of remodeling by starting with a frame that accepts endless additions

Bedbug Battler's Checklist

Tips for dealing with bedbugs before, during, and after an infestation. From someone who learned the hard way.