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Steam Showers: How to Create a Luxury Home Spa Experience

Here’s a guide to installation and costs for a luxury steam shower unit and how to find a dealer.

Radiant Floor Heating: Why It’s Worth It

Heated floors are energy efficient and provide the ultimate in comfort. We offer a basic introduction on the advantages of this heating system.

Small Fixes, Big Payoff

Some key changes made a vintage cottage ultra-livable without sacrificing an ounce of its charm

How Eight Homeowners Save Over $12,275 on Energy

How do they do it? By putting power-saving technologies to work inside their homes. You can do the same

In Fine Detail

The 1910 house had strong, simple moldings and millwork. A remodel turned it into a full-blown Arts and Crafts beauty

Built-in Storage Ideas

Store more, get organized, and add style to your interiors with these space-saving ideas

Power on Demand: How It Works

In the wake of storms and blackouts, standby generators keep your house in business

Adapting and Reusing Old Buildings

Factors to weigh before deciding to convert a commercial or industrial space for private use

U.S. Post Office Becomes First-Class Home

How a Kentucky homeowner put her personal stamp on a dusty 1930s post office and turned it into a luxurious, comfortable place to live

Get Your Dream Deck

How to get the right backyard retreat for your house