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All About Heat Pump Water Heaters

Save big bucks while taking advantage of the existing heat in your home. Here’s what you need to know about heat pump water heaters.

How to Scrape Old Paint Off a House

What stands between an old house and new paint? Ten tenacious coats of the old stuff. But you can get it off with these tools and techniques.

How to Install a Stair Runner

An easy step-by-step guide to putting down a stair rug runner.

How to Install a Kitchen Sink

From costs to tools and plumbing, here’s what to do for a new kitchen sink installation.

How to Finish Drywall

This step-by-step guide shows you how to use tape and drywall mud to finish your new wall with ease.

All About Tile Grout and How to Clean It

Explore the basics of grout — the difference between cement-based and epoxy grout, sealers, colors and cleaning.

Cape Ann Preview: Best Face Forward

Relocating the garage and adding a new front porch helps restore an 1891 home’s signature Shingle style.

Jamestown Net-Zero House: Little Green Giant

Traditional architectural details and a more open floor plan combine with the latest energy-saving—and energy-producing—technologies at a new This Old House TV project

Charleston Single House: Past Meets Present

With the historical fabric of TOH TV’s latest project house restored, a modern aesthetic reinvents the interior, making the most of the original building materials

Charleston Single House: Built to Last

This Old House lends a hand on the renovation of an 1840s "single house" in Charleston, South Carolina, with the goal of preserving its unique character while creating a comfortable family home. Here is a preview