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No-Grass Yard Ideas

Smart ways to give yourself—and the environment—a break from big, demanding lawns.

Plant in Pots: Selection, Arrangement, and Care

Here are 8 tips for pot, plant, and flower combinations as well as starting your container garden.

Gardening Tips From a Pro, Q&A Style

A popular TV expert offers gardening tips and tricks based on a lifetime of digging, planting, caring for, and feeding his own garden.

How to Plan for a Finished Basement

Planning to refinish your basement? This in-depth guide shares inspiring basement ideas from floor plans and wall finishings to decor.

Prevent Driveway Puddles with Pervious Paving

Install a driveway that drains water away by using pavers above gravel layers

How to Create a Drainage Swale

The plant-populated channels can redirect storm water to specific locations

A Magical Garden in Buffalo

A homeowner with a magpie’s eye and a restless imagination turns his garden into a space brimming with ideas

Smart Design Ideas for Hellstrip Plantings

Check out these curbside designs for smart ways to use perennials, dwarf shrubs, and groundcovers

Add Curb Appeal With a Hellstrip Garden

Turn the struggling ribbon of lawn between the sidewalk and the street into a glorious garden with tough, easy-care plants

Resilient Plants for Hardy Hellstrips

Not every plant is resilient enough for a streetside garden. Here are some bulletproof varieties that don't skimp on color