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Outdoor Speaker Systems: Planning Guide

Here’s how to plan the perfect outdoor audio systems.

6 Grand Staircase Design Ideas

These staircase design ideas can transform the character of your home.

Patching Wood Siding

Need to replace some of your home’s wood siding? For great results, handle those fragile clapboards with care.

How to Caulk a Bathtub

Bathtub caulking doesn’t have to be difficult. Read to learn which is the best caulk for a bathtub, and how to give your tub a fresh new seal.

16 Doghouses Like Your House

Classics of American architecture, made-to-measure for man's best friend

How to Patch Wood Siding

TOH general contractor shows how to handle fragile clapboards to make a seamless exterior repair

A Craftsman-Style Doghouse

A bungalow in miniature, complete with wood-shingle siding and a cedar-shake roof for a lucky dog named Gumpy From the popular magazine feature, ''A Doghouse Like Your House''

How to Make a Hypertufa Garden Trough

Make a garden trough with all the character (but none of the hassle) of carved stone

Designing a Man Den

Get ideas and tips for designing a getaway of your own

Winter Construction Dome

Work 'tents' let your projects progress in the deep freeze