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Better Interior Building Products | 2020 Cottage on the Cape

We’ve packed a whole lot of innovation inside this small, but smartly designed footprint. Come on in.

Race to the Finish: Cottage on the Cape Idea House

We’re coming down to the wire! Here’s what’s happening at the Cottage on the Cape.

Advances in Engineered Lumber | 2020 Idea House: Farmhouse in Fairfield County

At the 2020 Idea House, the Farmhouse in Fairfield County, the future of framing is now.

Before and After: A Sleek and Smart Kitchen Remodel

A room-swap and expansion allow for a hardworking island and for rustic-modern cabinetry that provides a place to store every last thing.

Making Progress at the 2020 Idea House: Farmhouse in Fairfield County

Our Fairfield County, Connecticut Farmhouse is coming to life—here’s a look behind the scenes!

Catching Up at the 2020 Idea House: Cottage on the Cape

We are inching ever closer to completing our This Old House 2020 Idea House in Cape Cod, Mass. Here’s a peek at our progress.

A Tiny Cottage Transformation Into a Unique Family Home

See how this modest 1937 cottage grows into a unique family home, thanks to a couple’s passion for preserving and building upon its homespun appeal.

What’s Happening at the TOH 2020 Farmhouse

Our TOH 2020 Farmhouse in Fairfield County is becoming a reality! Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ve been up to.

Welcome to the 2020 Idea House: Cottage on the Cape

Get a glimpse of the construction happening at our 2020 Idea House: Cottage on the Cape in Eastham, MA.

The Suite Life: Beds & Baths | 2019 Idea House

Our 2019 Idea House features five bedrooms with en suite bathrooms—and plenty of design inspiration and ideas.