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Arlington Arts & Crafts

An Arts and Crafts Storybook House

This Old House TV returns for an all-new season to follow a young family as they tackle a diamond in the rough—an Arts and Crafts–style gem in a historic Boston suburb.

General contractor Tom Silva, master carpenter Norm Abram, plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey, landscape contractor Roger Cook, and host Kevin O’Connor kick off Season 38 with the renovation of a century-old Arts and Crafts house in Arlington, Massachusetts. Built in 1909, the home represents an architectural movement toward simplicity and traditional craftsmanship—the very elements and character homeowners Nick and Emily Deldon aim to preserve both inside and out, while adding their own style.

The Arlington project’s 16 all-new episodes show viewers innovative building techniques such as the use of insulated concrete forms for the three-story addition’s foundation and a state-of-the-art heating system that will save thousands on energy costs, while the homeowners pitch in on masonry projects and an interior design plan. Nick and Emily also want a wider, open living space to accommodate their family, and This Old House delivers despite the home’s steeply pitched roof, thanks to a network of hidden beams. The front porch calls for demolition and the new design helps correct a hodgepodge exterior, which had lost much of its cohesive appeal over the years. Meanwhile, overgrown landscaping gets a complete redesign to transform the home’s outdoor space.

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