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Cold Brew On Tap at Home! This Nitro Coffee Machine is Now Discounted 16%

If cold brew coffee is your thing, you’re in luck!

Cold brew nitro machine

Cold brew coffee is one of life’s great little joys. But getting it from your local barista is expensive, and brewing it yourself is kind of a hassle. Or at least it was. With the Royal Brew Nitro Coffee Maker, you’ll be able to easily pour cup after cup at home, so you can power through that home office reno with ease and save loads of coffee-run money.

If you’re not already hooked on nitro brews, here is the deal: Adding nitrous oxide to the brew helps reduce acidity and enhance the taste. It will also make the coffee have a much thicker, bolder consistency that feels richer even without bulking it up with sugar or milk. While you are welcome to add sugar and milk, this machine will ensure that your brew can stand firmly on its own. Another great aspect of adding nitrogen to coffee is that this bold brew will stay fresh much longer. It even leaves the coffee with a layer of foam on top and seriously looks like it came straight from a professional.

The stainless steel machine can hold up to 64 ounces of water at a time, meaning you can brew a big batch and then have it on demand, on tap. The Royal Brew comes with a pressure-relieving valve, a stout creamer faucet, a dual-action pouring nozzle, a nitrous oxide/nitrogen cartridge holder (though cartridges are not included), and a faucet combo wrench. The machine itself has a sleek, professional look that resembles a beer tap, so it will look great out on your counter.

Get ready to love having coffee at home instead of spending too much time and money at the corner café. The Royal Brew Nitro Coffee Maker is on sale for a limited time at $149.99, a savings of 16% on the retail price of $179.

Royal Brew Nitro Coffee Maker - $149.99

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