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Brighten Up Your Home With This Under-$25 Solar-Powered Light

It’s small but it’s mighty.

This lamp may be small, but boy is it ever mighty.

The GoSun SolarLamp 50, on sale right now for $24.99, is a small, but powerful solar-powered light that will be your new go-to for on-the-spot illumination. At only 4.3-inches by 4.6-inches, it’s the perfect size for stashing on your patio or porch to use at night for reading, to brighten up your family picnic in the yard, or to bring some extra light to that refinishing project so you don’t miss a detail.

In its brightest and highest mode, it puts out 50 lumens of light and can last for up to three hours. That said, if you take it down to 20 lumens, it can shine for up to six hours. To charge, it takes about one full day of sunshine, which it soaks up through its built-in silicon solar panel, so if you’re planning to use it indoors, don’t forget to plan on charging.

In fact, due to its compact size and lightweight (just six ounces), it would also be the perfect travel companion so you can enjoy some light in shared spaces like airplanes, trains, cars, busses, tents, and tiny hotel rooms—just charge it up before you head out. Oh, and durability? That’s no worry because it’s completely water-resistant.

Add this small wonder to your home while it’s on sale for $24.99, saving you 13 percent on the retail price. The GoSun SolarLamp 50 will ensure the way is lit no matter where you’re going.

Prices subject to change.