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John Tomlin

Senior Producer

John Tomlin Meg Reinhardt

John Tomlin is the Senior Producer of This Old House. He joined the show in 2013 as a Director and in 2015 took over the reins as Producer. His career in television started when he was in graduate school at Boston University, working part time for a local television station, WBZ on Evening/PM Magazine.

John eventually landed in New York where he ran a television production company and created several successful national shows for broadcast syndication and cable, including Inside Edition for CBS, Dogs 101 for Animal Planet, American Professionals for TBS, and The Judge Mills Lane Show for Paramount. Additionally, he was Executive Producer for Puppy Bowl for Animal Planet, Day and Date for CBS, Shipmates for Sony Pictures Television and A Current Affair at Fox.

“Throughout my career I have been privileged to work with the best professionals in the broadcast industry. That honor continues here at This Old House. This group is dedicated to producing the highest quality program. I’m happy to be a part of the team,” said John. His shows have earned a number of awards. The most recent of John’s three Emmys was received for the 35th season of This Old House.

John lives with his wife, Pamela and dog, Jack in a 1920’s cottage on the Ipswich River on Massachusetts North Shore.