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Chris Wolfe

Executive Producer/GM

Chris Wolfe Anthony Tieuli

Chris Wolfe is the General Manager of This Old House Productions. In 2002 he helped launch the This Old House spin-off series Ask This Old House. He served as the show’s producer for 12 years, working with a team of expert contractors to solve hundreds of home improvement questions from viewers across the country. He now oversees all of the production of This Old House and Ask This Old House.

”As a kid, I would sit down to watch This Old House with a big glass of milk and a sleeve of Oreo’s,” remembers Chris. “So it’s really hard to believe that now, as an adult, I get to work every day with the same group of guys—it really is a dream job. Sometimes when I’m driving the Ask This Old House truck and trailer with Kevin, Tommy, Richard, or Roger, I notice other drivers craning their necks trying to get a better view of the guys. And then there’s usually a moment when I see the other driver’s expression change as they think to themselves, ‘I wonder who the other guy is…’”

After earning a degree in economics from Cornell University and working for several years as a management consultant, Chris moved to Boston in 1996 with a detailed plan to “do something more creative.” He assisted with many television programs and commercials and eventually began associate producing a series of video diaries for public television called “Right Here, Right Now.” Chris later joined the Educational Programming department at WGBH Boston. While at WGBH, he learned about the plan to produce an exciting new addition to This Old House and eagerly applied for a position. As they say, the rest is history, and he has since become an integral part of the success of This Old House Productions.

Chris, his wife, and two daughters live outside Boston in a 1937 colonial revival in “pretty good shape.” He also is an avid Ultimate Frisbee player and occasionally travels across the country to play in tournaments.