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10 Uses for Vinyl Tiles

One TOH reader shows us other uses for these stickable squares

Not Just for Underfoot

Photo by Wendell T. Webber

You'll be floored by the clever ways TOH reader Stan Williams repurposes these peel-and-stick squares, with and without the paper backing. "I have a knack for reusing leftover supplies."

1. Protect Against Leaks

Photo by Matthew Millman

Line the bottom of a cabinet under a sink to prevent water damage or cover one that's already been beat up (just be sure to fix the leak first).

2. Make a Jig

Photo by David Carmack

A measured length of tile becomes a guide for drilling holes a consistent distance apart—when installing new cabinet knobs, for example.

3. Pad Your Clamps

Photo by Wendell T. Webber

Use tile scraps as barriers to keep metal clamp feet from denting your wood-working project.

4. Clad a Birdhouse Roof

Photo by Wendell T. Webber

To create a rainproof covering, use a utility knife to cut tiles into small rectangles, and layer the "shingle" courses. For long-term adhesion, dot the back of each piece with waterproof glue.

5. Decorate a Lampshade

Photo by ML Harris/Getty Images

Cast a shadowy design by sticking small tile pieces, trimmed into shapes, to the inside of an inexpensive paper shade.

6. Create Plant Coasters

Photo by Wendell T. Webber

For a no-ring solution under a potted plant, cut two tiles into matching circles and stick them back-to-back.

7. Shim Stuff

Photo by David Carmack

Use cut strips to stabilize a leaning bookcase or a wobbly table, or to align a door during installation.

8. Add a Backsplash

Photo by Andrea Rugg

Cover the wall behind the washer and dryer or the utility sink for a hit of color and an easy wipe-clean surface.

9. Scoop Up Messes

Photo by Mark Lund/Getty Images

A tile makes a great in-a-pinch dustpan. Press one edge flat to the floor. Hold the other side up to make a snow-shovel-like curve against which to sweep your broom.

10. Customize Wood Shutters

Photo by Wendell T. Webber

Draw a shape on a tile and cut it out to make a template. Center the guide on the shutter's top panel, trace the shape, and use a jigsaw to cut the wood.