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10 Uses for Canvas Drop Cloths

Unexpected ways to use these expansive safeguards

Canvas Catchalls

Photo by Andrew McCaul

These paint-prep helpers can do more than save your floor from spatter.

1. Make a Tablecloth

Photo by John Gruen

Dress up a table on the cheap by using a new cotton drop cloth cut to fit. Finish the edges with no-sew hemming tape, and stencil on a design.

2. Collect Leaves

Photo by Joshua Snyder/EyeEm/Getty Images

Spread out a drop cloth on the grass to catch leaves while raking. When you're done, fold it in half to easily funnel the leaves into a big bag.

3. Stay Safe During Demo

Photo by Julio Lopez Saguar/Getty Images

During the demolition phase of a reno, throw a drop cloth over mirrors, tile, or any material you plan to smash that could send dust or hazardous shards into the air.

4. Prevent Floor Scratches

Photo by Wendell T. Webber

Slip a drop cloth under furniture or appliances when moving them around the house to protect floors from unsightly nicks and scratches.

5. Make a Movie Screen

Photo by Dan Hallman/Getty Images

Let a large clean drop cloth stand in for a sheet or blackout fabric when projecting a movie outdoors. Staple the ends of the cloth to 2x4s planted in buckets of sand or gravel.

6. Pet-Proof Car Seats

Photo by Teresa Short/Getty Images

Keep a canvas drop cloth in the trunk of the car and use it to save seats from pet hair or muddy paws when traveling with furry friends.

7. Cover Firewood

Photo by Klaus Fenzl/EyeEm/Getty Images

No tarp? Use a drop cloth to protect firewood from the elements. Just hit the canvas with waterproofing spray before putting it outside.

8. Line a Wicker Catchall

Photo by Grant Faint/Getty Images

For a washable basket liner, cut two pieces of canvas drop cloth to size and lay in a basket crisscrossed so that the fabric hangs over the edges by about 2 inches.

9. Transport Shrubs

Photo by Doreen Wynja

When uprooting a large shrub to move it to a new location, wrap the base with a canvas drop cloth to keep it intact before replanting.

10. Make a Nonslip Rug Pad

Photo by Wendell T. Webber

Keep an area rug in place by cutting a piece of drop cloth slightly smaller than the rug. Run thin wavy lines of silicone caulk across it to add traction. Let dry and place it caulk-side down on the floor, under the rug.