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10 Uses for Golf Tees

These handy tees will help improve more than your golf game

Off The Course

Photo by Wendell T. Webber

Gather up those strays rattling around in your junk drawer—they come in handy around the house.

1. Patch Old Screw Holes

Photo by Brian Wilder

Coat a wood tee with carpenter's glue, and use a hammer to tap it point-first into a hole that needs filling. Use a flush-cut saw to cut off the head of the tee so that the remaining section is flush with the wall. Finish with spackling compound to smooth the surface.

2. Sow Herb Seeds

Photo by Ian Spanier

Use the tip of a tee to make ¼-inch-deep furrow lines in pots of seed-starting soil. Dampen the tee's point, and use it to pick up tiny seeds, which will cling to it. Place them one by one in the furrows.

3. Stake a Picnic Blanket

Photo by Ian Spanier

Cut small slits in the corners of a blanket. Push pro-length golf tees (4 inches) through the slits and into the ground to keep the fabric anchored during a stiff breeze.

4. Use as Spacers

Photo by David Carmack

As you're laying large tiles, pavers, or stepping stones, place tees between the pieces to space them evenly before grouting or filling the joints. Place the tees on their heads or point-side down, depending on which spacing best suits your project.

5. Replace a Lost Cap

Photo by David Carmack

In a pinch, use a tee to plug the end of a tube of adhesive or caulk. A pro-length tee will cut through gunk and fit into the slender neck of most tubes.

6. Keep Your Drill Steady

Photo by Jamie Grill/Iconica/Getty

Before making pilot holes for wall anchors, place a golf tee pointed-end first against the drywall and tap it gently with a hammer. This will create a small divot that your drill bit can rest in.

7. Color-Code Bulbs

Photo by Christian Carroll/E+/Getty

When it's time to plant spring-blooming bulbs, like tulips and daffodils, map a landscaping plan using tees in different hues to represent the mix of colors and varieties in your garden.

8. Give Your Kids DIY Practice

Photo by Ian Spanier

Let the little ones pound short golf tees into a block of rigid foam with a toy hammer. It's a safe way for them to hone their tool skills.

9. Remove Caulk

Photo by David Carmack

Use the pointed end of a tee to help scrape away the last bits of grubby old caulk before running a fresh bead around your bathtub.

10. Organize Your Workshop

Photo by Ian Spanier

Short on specialty hooks? Push tees into pegboard that has 3/16-inch holes, and use them to hang your hand tools.