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10 Uses for Wallpaper Scraps

Put what won't go on your walls to use in other parts of your home

Stylish Scraps

Photo by Wendell T. Webber

After the walls have been lined and the paste has dried, don't toss the remains of that roll. Instead, check out these smart ways to put them to work.

1. Brighten a Lamp Shade

Photo by Tina Rupp

No need to buy a new shade if your current one's looking the worse for wear. Simply size a piece of wallpaper to its circumference and height, and tape or hot-glue it to the old shade.

2. Add Style to Stairs

Photo by Jake Curtis/IPC Images

Line the risers with a bold pattern. Just make sure to use coated or vinyl paper so that you can easily wipe away scuffs.

3. Create Templates

Photo by Wendell T. Webber

Cut out a shape or design you like from a piece of wallpaper and use as a guide to re-create the motif.

4. Craft a Privacy Shade

Photo by Wendell T. Webber

Cut paper to your window's width and its length plus 2 feet, and fold accordian-style. Punch a hole 1 inch from the edge on either side, then unfold. Wrap and glue the top of the shade around a dowel, and thread the holes with string, knotted at both ends. Screw eyes into the dowel and suspend from hooks.

5. Make Instant Art

Photo by Dan Duchars/GAP Photos/Getty

Paste an oversize scrap (or several smaller remnants) to a wall and frame it with molding.

6. Wrap Presents

Photo by Walter B. McKenzie/Stone/Getty

Choose a festively patterned wallpaper to cover gift boxes; it's heavier and more durable than standard wrapping.

7. Liven Up a Light Switch

Photo by Dan Hallman/Photonica

Remove the switch plate, and place a piece of wallpaper on top of it. Fold the paper's edges over the plastic, attaching it with a thin coat of craft glue, then screw back into place.

8. Use as a Photo Mat

Photo by ULTRA F/Photodisc/Getty

Try cutting out a piece of thick, subtly patterned wallpaper to surround pictures inside a frame.

9. Back a Glass Tabletop

Photo by Datacraft Co Ltd/Getty

Revamp the plain glass surface of a coffee table or desk by layering a sheet of paper under it.

10. Line Drawers

Photo by Wendell T. Webber

Cut prepasted vinyl paper to fit inside a drawer, then moisten to adhere for a splash of color that quickly wipes clean.