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10 Grilling Gifts for Your Favorite Grillmaster

If you’re searching the internet for something to get your grill-savvy loved one, read our gift guide for 10 outdoor cooking necessities you can give to your favorite grillmaster. The products included in this article are available at various home improvement stores, local home centers, and online retailers like Amazon.

Cuisinart Deluxe Grill Set Courtesy Amazon

For the Griller That Can’t Quite Get Started

Oklahoma Joe’s Propane Charcoal Starter/Lighter

oklahoma joe’s propane charcoal starter Amazon

This charcoal lighter simplifies what’s arguably the most difficult part of grilling: starting the charcoal. Oklahoma Joe’s Charcoal Starter features an ergonomic handle and extended nozzle that produces a strong flame that gets your grill up and running in minutes. Its igniter contains a safety lever that locks to keep unwanted hands out of danger and is easy to store at just under two pounds.

For the Grillmaster That Only Uses Charcoal

F2C Gallon Ash Bucket

f2c gallon ash bucket Amazon

When the coals die down and all that’s left is lumpy ash, the charcoal needs disposal. While you can wait 48 hours for the coals to cool before dumping them in an old coffee can, if your griller is looking for a safer and more reliable way to dispose of charcoal, the F2C Gallon Ash Bucket is the way to go.

This galvanized iron ash bucket comes stocked with a convenient shovel for charcoal scooping and is coated in a fireproof layering of black powder. The container holds over five gallons of ashes that allows your grillmaster to cook for weeks before disposal is needed.

For the Person That’s Been Burned One Too Many Times

Heat Guardian Protective Gloves

heat guardian protective gloves Amazon

Nothing can dull a mood more than a fiery lick from the barbecue grill. If your unlucky griller suffers from frequent burns, these protective gloves from Heat Guardian can provide the relief they’ve been after.

These gloves protect the hand and forearm area from heat up to 932°F, allowing your loved one to focus more on the food and less on the flame that’s cooking it. The gloves are flexible and long-lasting to help the user grill a variety of foods for years to come.

For the Griller Who Likes to Show Off

Cuisinart Deluxe Grill Set

cuisinart deluxe grill set Amazon

This 20-piece grilling set features all the barbecue necessities in one place, including grill tongs, a silicone basting brush, and a chef’s spatula. Packaged in an aluminum carrying case to help your grillmaster keep all of their tools in one place, this grilling essential will be the center of any barbecue. Plus, it’s protected under a one-year limited warranty, so if a tool breaks down in the line of duty, it’s covered.

For the Person That Wants to Sign Their Steaks

BBQ Fans Personalized Monogram Branding Iron

bbq fans personalized monogram branding iron Amazon

This branding iron from BBQ Fans allows your loved one to let all of their partygoers know who seared their succulent steak. The iron features three, one-inch letters that you can customize for your griller. The branding iron features a keyhole for convenient storage and is safe to use on burgers, steaks, buns, and even wood.

For the Griller Who Can’t Get Enough of Chicken

Cave Tools Beer Can Chicken Roaster Rack

cave tools beer can chicken roaster rack Amazon

While grilled chicken is a staple of any cookout, this beer can roaster rack from Cave Tools gives your griller the tools to add a little flair to their favorite dish. The stainless steel rack holds large chickens and includes attachable grilling spikes that are great for cooking corn or potatoes.

The rack’s center canister allows grillers to add their flavor to the dish and can be used for beer, wine, cider, or any herb combination. Additionally, the rack comes with access to 25 professional grilling recipes and tutorial videos available on a mobile app.

For the (Indoor) Grillmaster

Elite Gourmet Indoor Electric Non-Stick Grill

Elite Gourmet Indoor Electric Non-Stick Grill Courtesy Amazon

Grilling isn’t confined to the outdoors. Grillmasters can be found in a variety of locations and with this Elite Gourmet Non-Stick Grill, inside grilling can be a great option for those looking to escape the heat and pestering bugs.

The nonstick surface cooker offers 125 square inches of cooking surface powered by a removable power cord with thermostat control. The grated tray is great for grilled shrimp or pork chops and is simple to clean thanks to its detachable, dishwasher safe drip tray.

For the Grillmaster Who Never Skips the Vegetables

Cuisinart Non-Stick Grill Wok

cuisinart non-stock grill wok Amazon

While meats may always be the staple of cookouts, it’s important to remember the side dishes. This wok allows vegetables to cook on the grill in a safe, perforated grill basket. The tool also provides a great alternative to kabobs and enhances flavor by allowing grillers to cook meat and veggies together.

For the Griller That’s Constantly Checking the Temperature

Secura Wireless Remote Meat Thermometer

secura wireless remote meat thermometer Amazon

This wireless meat thermometer from Secura helps your grillmaster ensure that their food holds the correct temperature. The thermometer contains up to four meat probes that monitor four different foods at once. Grillers can choose from eight different meat settings and five doneness levels for a precise cook on a variety of foods. Additionally, the thermometer has a range of 328 feet that allows the cook to step away from the grill and grab a drink or talk with guests.

For the Tidy Grillmaster

GRILLART Grill Brush and Scraper

To keep a consistent and flavorful cook, every griller must own an effective grill brush. This GRILLART grill brush, which comes equipped with an attached scraper, contains three-in-one brush technology for a quicker clean that reaches around the grill’s tough spots. This grill brush is designed with a durable, 18-inch stainless steel handle to protect users from burns.

Gifts for When You’re Feeling Generous

While these items didn’t make the cut because of their high price tag, it’s important to note two big-ticket items worth considering if you’re in the giving mood.

Dyna-Glo Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker

dyna-glo vertical offset charcoal smoker Amazon

Smoking meats is a grilling technique that’s become a favorite in many backyards across the country. Smokers slow-cook meat under low temperatures for hours, producing tender and flavorful meat. This Dyna-Glo smoker is a great choice for any griller looking to expand their skill set.

This smoker’s vertical design uses naturally rising heat to improve efficiency and flavor by keeping direct heat away from the meat. The smoker contains a porcelain-enamored steel charcoal chamber that holds up to six height-adjustable grates for a custom smoking experience.

Char-Broil Propane Gas Grill

char-broil propane gas grill Amazon

This Char-Broil grill is perfect for an aspiring grillmaster. Its beginner-friendly design comes with stainless steel propane burners and a reliable igniter to produce flavorful grilled foods. Additionally, the grill comes stocked with two side shelves for extra storage and food prep space.

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