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How to Maintain Small Engine Gas-Powered Yard Tools

Keeping outdoor power equipment running smoothly with This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook.

In this video, This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook keeps outdoor power equipment running smoothly.

Steps for Maintaining Gas-Powered Tools

  1. Remove and replace the spark plug each season.
  2. Always disconnect the spark plug wire when working on the equipment.
  3. Inspect the air filter frequently to ensure it's clean. Replace it when it's dark and dirty.
  4. Check the level of the engine oil before each use. Also, check the condition of the oil to make sure it's clean and not ultra-dark.
  5. Change the oil by either turning the mower on its side or by using the drain plug. Be sure to recycle the old oil.
  6. To keep gasoline fresh, store only enough gas that you can use in four to six weeks.
  7. Use high-octane fuel in outdoor power equipment.
  8. Treat gasoline with a pink-colored stabilizer; it'll prevent the gas from going stale.
  9. Use a blue stabilizer to keep gas fresh and to prevent water problems caused by the ethanol in gasoline.