Products & Services from episodes of This Old House TV

Arborist Arlington
Category: Contractors & Services
Episode: 02

Cicoria Tree Service

Category: Contractors & Services, Design
Episode: 01

Sharratt Design & Company

Architectural Historian I Arlington Arts & Crafts
Category: Building Resources, Paints & Finishes
Episode: 09

Historic New England

Bathroom Fan
Category: Materials, Electrical, HVAC
Episode: 08

Panasonic Ventilation Systems

Boiler | Arlington Arts & Crafts
Category: HVAC, Plumbing
Episode: 10

Viessmann Manufacturing Co

83 Vermont Avenue, Bldg. #3
02888 Warwick , RI
Brick Factory
Category: Building Resources, Masonry
Episode: 06

Stiles and Hart Brick Company

Chimney Bricks
Category: Materials, Masonry
Episode: 07

Stiles and Hart Brick Company

Chimney Flue Pipe
Category: Fireplaces & Chimneys, HVAC, Materials
Episode: 10


Circulator Pumps
Category: HVAC
Episode: 10


Concrete Recycling Center
Category: Contractors & Services, Side Trip
Episode: 03

Newport Materials

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