Los Angeles | It Never Rains In California?

At the project house, exterior work has been delayed due to four weeks of record setting rains in Southern California. Inside, Host Kevin O'Connor finds plaster expert Alfonso Garcia installing custom foam forms to create a tray ceiling that replicates the existing detail in the house. Once the forms are in place, they are covered with plaster. Master carpenter Norm Abram visits cabinetmaker Larry Bucklan at his shop in the nearby neighborhood of Frogtown to see how work is progressing on the kitchen cabinets. The boxes and drawers are made off site in Orange County, but Larry's crew carefully makes the doors and the custom end panel for the refrigerator. Back at the house, Larry builds a toe kick to receive the base cabinets. Upstairs, Alfonso shows Kevin the "cat face" plaster technique he is using on the walls to replicate the original plaster style. This technique provides a combination of open and closed finishes—after the finish coat is applied but before it sets up, he goes back over it with his trowel leaving closed and open patches. Some areas of the finished coat are smooth and others are rough which are known as "cat faces." In the original part of the house Kevin finds a new stain on the ceiling of the dining room and a large hole in the ceiling of the front entry. Due to leaks and damage from the rains, site supervisor Angel Leon explains that although the homeowners had been hoping to be able to keep the existing roof on the main house, it looks as if it's going to have to be replaced after all.

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