Essex | Standing-Seam Roof, Lighting Rods

Kevin and Roger dig the Essex clamming scene out on the flats, then are regaled with some world-famous fried clams where they were invented a century ago: Woodman's of Essex. Norm drives up to the project house to find the infrastructure work (finally) settling down outside, and reminds us that we're designing for one-level living. Inside, on the day before spray foam insulation, he reviews the floor plan while Richard provides an update on rough plumbing and ductwork progress. Challenges include running vents to the backside of the house and getting ducts up into the steeply pitched roof spaces. Radiant floor panels are going down on second floor. Back outside, Norm finds roofer Dennis Gannet and his daughter Sarah Gannet installing the standing seam metal roof. Back on the front side of the house, Kevin finds Roger halfway through the front walk. He's created a flush condition at the front door with a Chelmsford granite slab, then a bluestone patio near the outcropping that then transitions to Rockport granite at the walk. It provides a rustic woodland look, while maintaining a safe and stable surface for the older folks who will be living here. We see how stone is cut with a trace chisel vs. a saw to create a broken edge. Being on a hill and having a metal roof don't make us as vulnerable to lightning as as much as being near the water does. Kevin meets Parker "PJ" Willard Jr. to see how he'll protect the house with a lightning rod system that is aluminum based vs. copper so as not to react with our aluminum roof. We see the three main components of the lighting protection system: air terminals, bonding and grounding.

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