This Old House TV // Season 30 // Episode 10

Auburndale | Landscape Decisions and a Duck Tour

Host Kevin O'Connor meets landscape designer Jen Nawada Evans to see her plan for opening up the front yard while also creating perennial beds that can be added to over time. Inside, plaster contractor David Crawford shows Kevin how he is blending the old work with the new. Certified arborist Matt Foti shows landscape contractor Roger Cook why the Norway maple out front cannot be saved and demonstrates how his crew is taking it down safely, being mindful of its entanglement with the power lines. Down the river from our project, Kevin and master carpenter Norm Abram take some time to see the Charles River through the eyes of its most colorful tour guides—the "conDUCKtors" over at Boston Duck Tours. They take a tour through the city streets and then "splash" into the river as the tour bus becomes a tour boat, revealing some of the best views in Boston. Back at the house, Kevin meets up with general contractor Tom Silva and painting contractor Mauro Henrique to see how his crew is removing paint from the old shingles and how they will use a solid body stain to let the texture of the cedar shingles show through.

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