Arlington Italianate | Italianate Renaissance

After 7 months of hard work, landscape designer Cricket Beauregard completes the exterior look with a pair of classically inspired urns at the front walk. Inside, Tom stows things away in the attic with the help of a new fire-rated pull down stairway. As the glass shower doors go in, Tom details how he modified the master bath to accommodate a steam shower. Homeowner Malcolm Faulds and Richard check out the newly finished basement spaces, including the mechanical room that features a new style of energy-efficient circulator pump that could provide big energy savings for the household. Upstairs, homeowner Heather Faulds shows Norm the finished bedrooms, baths, and laundry spaces. On the first floor, designer Christine Tuttle shows Kevin the décor choices that give the home a period inspired, but unfussy feel. The most dramatic part of the transformation is clearly the spacious new eat-in kitchen and the whole group gathers there to celebrate the renaissance of this beautiful Italianate home.

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