Arlington Italianate | Details on the Addition

Kevin arrives to find a view-changing ribbon of windows installed in the new eat-in kitchen. Outside, Tom ties in the second floor addition with matching clapboards, but the first floor is getting a unique vertical beadboard detail called for by the architect. In the basement, mason Mark McCullough makes a hole in the old rubble stone foundation to receive a new window. Norm catches up with carpenter Joe Langlais to see how in just 8 years, he's gone from a high school apprentice to running a major residential job for Tom Silva in one of Boston's most prestigious neighborhoods. Meanwhile, Tom shows Kevin how he's replicating the 150-year-old corbels that adorn the roofline of our house, and how he's using them to help tie in the addition. Back in the basement, Richard and project plumber Kevin Bilo work to remove the old cast iron waste pipe that is in the way of our stairs. The new line requires an old-style connection made from molten lead and oakum—a time-honored and fascinating process.

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