Arlington Italianate | Deadliest Old House?

This Old House welcomes a special guest from Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch: Bering Sea deck boss and aspiring captain Edgar Hansen. When he's not doing the most dangerous job in the world, he is a DIY guy who loves home renovation. To assess his skills, Tom Silva puts Edgar to work patching cracks in the horsehair plaster walls at the front entry, then Richard shows him how the PEX tubing we are using for the water lines needs to be "fished" through the building. Meanwhile, Norm and Tom tackle the project of raising the height of the railing on the second floor landing, to make it safer for the kids. Then Roger sees how Edgar handles a jackhammer as he helps to remove the old set of concrete stairs at the front entry to make way for the new. At the end of the day, Edgar compares notes with Norm and Kevin before he heading back to crab fishing in Alaska. 

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