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On this episode of ASK This Old House

The Arts and Crafts house in Arlington is at completion and the guys come to take a last look and celebrate with the homeowners.

Kevin and Tommy arrive at the new entrance where the old Silver Maple tree and telephone pole once stood.

Kevin tours the front yard with Roger and landscape architect Kim Turner. Kim points out the new plantings in the front yard and all the hardscape that Roger and his crew have worked hard to finish.

Meanwhile Tommy goes around the back to meet Norm and look at the three-story exterior addition. They reflect on how the addition was designed and built to look like it was always there.

Inside, Kevin looks at the refurbished front door with homeowner Emily. The foyer ceiling has been covered with an embossed paper made of linseed to give it a decorative feeling. Emily points out other updates and they check out a new stair runner being installed on the front stairs.

In the dining room, paneling has been added to the walls and an Arts and Crafts style wallpaper is above it. But the biggest change is the beautiful new oak pantry cabinets that replace what was once the outdated galley kitchen. The cabinets have a pass-through that connects to the dining room so that glassware and dishes can be accessed from both sides.

Richard heads upstairs to the second floor and meets homeowner Nick. With the new addition, the entrance to the master bedroom was changed to allow for a suite with two closets, the bedroom, and a spacious new bathroom.

Richard looks at the new technology in the bathroom – the shower, bathtub, and toilet all have control panels for a variety of functions.

Norm finds Emily putting the finishing touches in her daughter’s room. Not much was changed in there except for a special wall painting style similar to watercolors. They head up to the third floor and look at the new craft/play space that the addition allowed. Originally the idea was to move the third floor

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