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5 Best Cordless Leaf Blowers (2022 Review)

When the fall season rolls around and your lawn is covered with leaves, a powerful leaf blower is a must-have tool. In this review, the This Old House Reviews Team researched the five best cordless leaf blowers on Amazon to help you find the product that’s right for you and your home.

A woman using a leaf blower to clean the front path of her house Courtesy BLACK + DECKER

Leaf blowers are a necessity in the fall when dead leaves are cluttering your yard. If you want the ease and mobility of a cordless model, read our review on the best cordless leaf blowers that’ll keep your yard, porch, and driveway leaf-free all year round.

Top 5 Cordless Leaf Blowers

In a hurry? Here are the 5 highest rated blowers for your yard:

Looking for more information? Continue reading for our reviews of each product below.

Comparing the Best Battery Powered Leaf Blowers

Brand Weight (in Pounds) Battery Size Max Runtime Air Volume Warranty
Brand Weight (in Pounds) Battery Size Max Runtime Air Volume Warranty
EGO Power+ Cordless Leaf Blower 7.5 56-Volt 90 Minutes 530 CFM 5 Years
DEWALT Leaf Blower 9.88 20-Volt 87 Minutes 450 CFM 3 Years
SnapFresh Leaf Blower 2.7 20-Volt 20 Minutes 420 CFM 1 Year
BLACK+DECKER Lithium Sweeper 3.7 20-Volt 10 Minutes 100 CFM 2 Years
Greenworks Cordless Leaf Blower 3.27 40-Volt 15 Minutes 420 CFM 4 Years

Best Leaf Blower For Big Yards

EGO Power+ Cordless Leaf Blower

This heavy-duty leaf blower runs for over 75 minutes on a single charge. It also features a turbo mode that blows heavy debris with a power of 530 cubic feet per minute (CFM). With more power than the average leaf blower and a portable design, this leaf blower is ideal for quickly tackling large yards.

Key Features

  • 7.5-pound weight
  • 56-volt battery
  • 90-minute maximum runtime
  • 530-CFM maximum air volume
  • 65-decibel maximum noise rating
  • Five-year warranty

What Customers Are Saying

Customers praised this model’s battery life and turbo mode, which maintained a steady stream of power throughout large jobs. Customers who were dissatisfied with this blower often complained about the warranty, which the manufacturer didn’t always honor. Select customers also found the size of this blower’s battery to be awkward.

Best Fan Design

DEWALT Leaf Blower

This cordless leaf blower has a long-lasting brushless motor that runs cleanly and efficiently. The brushless motor design also extends the life of the blower’s battery even when it’s used on the highest setting. It delivers powerful performance with minimal sound, maxing out at around 66 decibels, making it perfect for neighborhoods with strict noise regulations.

Key Features

  • 9.88-pound weight
  • 20-volt battery
  • 87-minute maximum runtime
  • 125-mile-per-hour (mph) maximum speed
  • 450-CFM maximum air volume
  • 66-decibel noise rating
  • Three-year warranty

What Customers Are Saying

Reviewers praised the powerful airspeed generated by this leaf blower, which allowed them to blow large piles of wet leaves. Users also found its variable speed trigger and speed lock to be useful. Dissatisfied customers complained about the battery, which multiple users claimed broke down or wouldn’t fully charge after a few uses.

Best Adjustable Tube

SnapFresh Leaf Blower

This leaf blower disassembles easily for convenient storage, cleaning, and maintenance. It includes 60-mph and 130-mph airspeed modes and an adjustable tube for both indoor and outdoor use. Its handle is also designed to be comfortable to hold for long-term use.

Key Features

  • 2.7-pound weight
  • 20-volt battery
  • 20-minute maximum runtime
  • 130-mph speed
  • 88-decibel noise rating
  • 12-month warranty

What Customers Are Saying

Reviewers praised this model’s design, which was both easy to use and durable. Users also appreciated its inconspicuous battery pack, which didn’t get in the way during use or drastically increase the weight of the blower. However, users who rated this leaf blower poorly found that the model’s short 20-minute life of the battery wasn’t long enough to complete most tasks.

Best Value Cordless Leaf Blower

BLACK+DECKER Lithium Sweeper

This affordable, battery-powered leaf blower reaches a maximum speed of 130 mph, making it perfect for clearing debris from hard surfaces. Its 20-volt battery also works with other BLACK+DECKER power tools. Plus, it weighs 3.7 pounds, making it easy to carry and aim.

Key Features

  • 3.7-pound weight
  • 20-volt battery
  • 130-mph speed
  • 61-decibel noise rating
  • Two-year warranty

What Customers Are Saying

Reviewers raved about how easy to use this model was with its steady airflow and lightweight design. Amazon users who weren’t satisfied with this model said that it wasn’t powerful enough to tackle heavier jobs, such as large piles of leaves.

Best Precision Nozzle

Greenworks Cordless Leaf Blower

This leaf blower weighs about three pounds, allowing you to use it one-handed. It also includes an extension tube that gives it more length to clear debris from hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. If you have multiple areas in your yard where standard cordless blowers can’t fit, this model from Greenworks can provide you with a lightweight, practical solution.

Key Features

  • 3.27-pound weight
  • 40-volt battery
  • 15-minute runtime
  • 150-mph speed
  • 53-decibel noise rating
  • Four-year warranty

What Customers Are Saying

Customers complimented the lightweight design of this model, which made it easy to clear leaves and debris out of tight spaces. Customers who rated this blower negatively complained about poor quality control and breakdowns early in the product’s life. Some users also found its air power and battery to be insufficient for heavy-duty jobs.

Buyer’s Guide

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a cordless leaf blower. This buyer’s guide explains some of them to help you make an informed purchasing decision.


The speed of a leaf blower is measured in miles per hour (mph). Most leaf blowers offer several speed settings, allowing you to make adjustments based on the type and amount of debris you need to clear. Common speeds for battery-powered leaf blowers range from as low as 60 mph to as high as 150 mph.

Air Flow

The amount of air coming from a cordless blower is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). A high CFM rating is needed to clear leaves more efficiently as well as to clear heavier items, such as sticks and branches. However, a high CFM value can also lead to a heavier and louder leaf blower because of its larger and more powerful motor.

Battery Life

The batteries used in cordless blowers last a short amount of time, requiring charges between uses or in the middle of long clearing sessions. Some cordless leaf blowers last for 15–20 minutes, while others can last over an hour. If you have a large yard, choose a cordless leaf blower with a long life to its battery to eliminate the need for a recharge midway through your session.

Noise Level

The noise level of a cordless blower is measured in decibels, with a lower decibel rating indicating that the leaf blower makes less noise. Leaf blowers with high CFM and mph values are often louder than their less powerful counterparts. If you live in a crowded area with neighbors close by, consider buying a quieter leaf blower to prevent disturbing them. However, if you end up choosing a louder leaf blower with a noise level above 60–65 decibels, also buy ear protection to prevent hearing damage.


Lightweight leaf blowers weigh a few pounds and can be comfortably carried for long periods. Heavier models, on the other hand, may require frequent breaks and leave your arms feeling tired.

Nozzle Type

Some cordless blowers have a round nozzle that emits a powerful stream of air to clear a large number of leaves at once. Others have a narrow nozzle for precision work, such as cleaning stuck leaves from grates, corners, and other small spaces. You can also find models that come with both types of nozzles, allowing you to switch between them as needed. Consider the size of your yard and the types of spaces that need clearing when choosing which nozzle type is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my cordless leaf blower also be used to clear snow?

Cordless leaf blowers can be used on their highest speed setting to clear light, powdery snow that’s less than one inch in thickness. However, they can’t be used to clear dense, wet snow because they lack the power. If this is the type of snow your area gets, consider a snow shovel or snow blower instead.

What are the benefits of cordless leaf blowers when compared to other types of leaf blowers?

Cordless leaf blowers are battery-powered, preventing them from releasing smelly, toxic emissions like gas leaf blowers do. Additionally, they offer greater freedom of movement compared to corded models. They’re also smaller and more lightweight than both of the other types, making them easier to handle.

What type of battery do cordless leaf blowers use?

Most cordless leaf blowers use a lithium-ion battery with a voltage between 18 and 120 volts. Lithium-ion batteries are longer-lasting than other types of batteries with a life of about two or three years or 500 charge cycles. They’re also lighter, decreasing the overall weight of your leaf blower.

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