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The 5 Best Extension Cords (2022 Review)

A power cord helps power devices that have cords that are too short to reach a wall outlet. Keep reading to learn about the best extension cords available on Amazon. The products included in this article are available at various home improvement stores and online retailers like Amazon.

Yellow Extension Cord Courtesy Amazon

Extension cords power devices with cords that are too short to reach an electrical socket and help power systems and appliances when you have more devices than wall outlets. To help you find a model that’s right for your home, the This Old House Reviews team researched the best extension cords on Amazon. Here are our top picks.

Top 5 Extension Cords

Best Length: Amazon Basics Vinyl Outdoor Extension Cord

This Amazon Basics extension cord is available in a variety of sizes, including a 100-foot length. Additionally, customers have the option of buying a four-pack of 50-foot cords or a two-pack of 100-foot cords for 200 feet of reach.

Key Features

  • Available in orange or green
  • Available in 15-, 20-, 50-, 75-, and 100-foot lengths
  • Has one three-prong outlet
  • Supports 10 amps

What Customers Are Saying

Customers liked the flexibility of this cord, as it allowed them to bend the cord without it kinking or breaking, and they also liked the cord’s reach. However, some customers expressed concerns about how hot the cord got, saying that it might have caught fire if they continued using it.

Best Multi-Pack: Cable Matters Heavy-Duty Extension Cord

This extension cord pack comes with two cords that have two three-prong outlets, allowing customers to power a variety of small appliances and electronics within their home.

Key Features

  • Available in black or white
  • Available in three-, six-, 10-, and 15-foot lengths
  • Has one three-prong outlet
  • Supports 13 amps

What Customers Are Saying

Customers praised the heavy-duty cord and said that its thick coating allowed them to run powerful appliances and tools outdoors without worrying about the cord breaking or wearing out. However, many customers said the cord was stiff and difficult to maneuver.

Best for Outdoor Use: Southwire Outdoor Extension Cord

This extension cord has a flexible vinyl jacket that protects it against moisture, abrasion, and sunlight, making it ideal for outdoor use. It also has reinforced blades that prevent the prongs from bending and breaking.

Key Features

  • Available in yellow
  • Available in 50- or 100-foot lengths
  • Has one three-prong outlet
  • Supports 15 amps

What Customers Are Saying

Customers praised the cord’s 15-amp power rating and were able to power large equipment. For example, several customers used the cord to power their RVs. Some complaints centered on the manufacturer shipping a cord made in China instead of a cord made in the United States, but customers were able to remedy the problem by contacting Amazon for a new cord.

Best for Multiple Devices: Anker Power Strip Surge Protector

This long power strip has 12 three-prong outlets, three USB ports, and a power switch, allowing you to charge and power all of your electronic devices with just one product. It delivers an optimized charge to USB devices using PowerIQ technology and is covered in a flame-retardant casing.

Key Features

  • Available in white
  • Available in six-, eight-, or 10-foot lengths
  • Has 12 three-prong outlets and three USB ports
  • Supports 3.1 amps

What Customers Are Saying

Customers liked using the cord in areas where several devices needed to be plugged in. For example, one customer used the cord to power a television, DVD player, gaming console, and other TV-related devices. However, a few customers said that the power switch was flimsy and the USB ports were faulty.

Best Outlet Protection: GE Three-Outlet Power Strip

This GE indoor extension cord has two two-prong outlets on the front and one two-prong outlet on the back, all of which have coverings that you can slide over them when they’re not in use to prevent electrocution. This cord is rated for indoor use and should only be used in dry areas, such as your office or living room.

Key Features

  • Available in black, white, brown, and green
  • Available in six-, nine-, 12-, and 15-foot lengths
  • Has three two-prong outlets
  • Supports 13 amps

What Customers Are Saying

Customers used this cord for tasks like charging electronic devices or plugging in a lamp and liked that the cord comes in several colors. However, some customers complained that their cord stopped working after a few months.

Buying Guide

From cord length to amperage rating, here are a few factors to consider before purchasing an extension cord.

Number of Outlets

Most extension cords come with just one outlet that supports a single device. If you want to plug in more than one device, select an extension cord with multiple outlets like the Anker Power Strip Surge Protector.

Amperage Rating

Every power cord should have an amperage rating that signals how much power it can handle, with a higher amperage rating denoting a more powerful cord. Most extension cords are rated to support around 13 amps, though some models like the Southwire Outdoor Extension Cord can handle up to 15 amps.

Cord Length

Power cords can be as short as six feet and as long as 100 feet. If you need an extension cord to power indoor electronics, a cord under 20 feet should suffice. If you need to power corded tools like electric chainsaws, a cord that’s 50 feet or longer may be a better choice.

Number of Prongs

The majority of extension cords are equipped with three-prong outlets, though some indoor models like the GE Three-Outlet Power Strip have two-prong outlets. If you need to power a few device chargers, a two-prong extension cord should work. If you need to power small appliances or tools like electric drills, use a three-prong model, as this type of cord tends to have an extra prong.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the gauge of an extension cord refer to?

The gauge of an extension cord refers to the diameter of the metal conductors it holds. Smaller wire gauges denote thick extension cords that can carry large amounts of electricity. For example, 12-gauge cords can handle tool loads between 10 and 15 amps. Many outdoor extension cords have small gauge numbers to support heavy-duty machinery.

Can I use an extension cord to power my refrigerator?

If your refrigerator is too far away from a wall outlet, a heavy-duty extension cord can be used to power the appliance. To prevent a fire, ensure that you purchase an extension cord with an amp rating equal to your refrigerator’s amperage.

What is a surge protector?

A surge protector is a device found in many power strips that protects devices from voltage spikes caused by events like lightning strikes.

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