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The 5 Best Electric Drills (2022 Review)

A corded drill provides enough power for heavy-duty projects like drilling through oak, teak, and other hardwoods. Read our review below on the best electric drills to see what models are available to you. The products included in this article are available at various home improvement stores, local home centers, and online retailers like Amazon.

Electric Drill Amazon

Corded drills have more power than their cordless counterparts, making them useful for heavy-duty tasks like drilling through sheets of metal or hardwood. While you have to stay close to an outlet because of their cord, electric drills don’t have to recharge before every use.

If you’re looking to add a corded drill to your arsenal of tools, the This Old House Reviews team can help. We researched the best electric drills on Amazon and created a buying guide to help you decide what you need out of your drill. Keep reading to learn about our top electric drill recommendations.

Top 5 Electric Drills

Best Case: DEWALT DWD115K VSR Mid-Handle Grip Drill Kit

This DEWALT electric drill comes with a hard plastic case so that you can easily transport the drill. The case contains a compartment for the drill and organizers for accessories like bits and screws.

Key Features

  • Eight-amp motor
  • ⅜-inch chuck size
  • Keyless chuck
  • Three-year warranty

What Customers Are Saying

Customers were happy with the quality of this product and said that the drill was made of durable, long-lasting materials and was powerful enough to perform a variety of tasks. Some customers said that the chuck wobbled a little during use, which caused some misdrilled holes.

Most Durable: DEWALT Electric Drill

Built for heavy-duty tasks, this drill has a 10-amp motor that can deliver a lot of power. The drill also has a ½-inch chuck that can drill through thicker materials and handle larger fasteners.

Key Features

  • 10-amp motor
  • ½-inch chuck size
  • Keyed chuck
  • Two handles
  • Three-year warranty

What Customers Are Saying

Customers said this drill withstood heavy-duty tasks, with many saying they could drill through thick and hard materials like tree trunks and sheets of metal. However, a common complaint was that the drill started smoking when it was overloaded despite its claimed overload protection.

Best for Occasional Use: BLACK+DECKER Electric Drill

This BLACK+DECKER electric drill has a four-amp motor, making it a good option for the occasional project around your home like hanging a picture frame or putting together furniture. The drill has a Matrix Quick Connect System that allows for a tool-free change for a variety of tool attachments and has an 11-position clutch, providing extra levels of control to the user.

Key Features

  • Four-amp motor
  • ⅜-inch chuck size
  • Keyless chuck
  • Two-year warranty

What Customers Are Saying

Customers were pleased with the drill’s performance considering its affordable price. They also liked how they could attach other tools to the base of the drill, making it a multi-purpose tool capable of doing more than just drilling and driving. Some customers had issues with the chuck freezing, making it impossible to adjust its settings.

Best Grip: Skil 6335-02 Corded Drill

This Skil drill has a second handle closer to its chuck. Both handles have a textured rubber grip, allowing you to keep the tool steady while you’re working. Not to mention, this electric drill comes with a powerful seven-amp motor and a variable-speed trigger for customized use.

Key Features

  • Seven-amp motor
  • ½-inch chuck size
  • Keyed chuck
  • Two handles
  • One-year warranty

What Customers Are Saying

Customers said this drill had a lot of torque and liked how Skil added a second handle on the drill to help with controlling the high torque. However, some customers had issues with the chuck not staying attached to the drill’s body.

Most Lightweight: Metabo HPT Drill

Because this drill only weighs about three pounds, your arms are less likely to get tired during use. Its compact size also makes it easy to carry from place to place if you need it for different projects.

Key Features

  • Seven-amp motor
  • ⅜-inch chuck size
  • Keyless chuck
  • Five-year warranty

What Customers Are Saying

Customers complimented the trigger on this drill and liked that they could adjust the drill speed while the drill was still running. Customers also liked how the drill had a reverse function for pulling the bit or fastener back out. However, some customers received a defective drill that had a motor that made a rattling sound during use.

Buying Guide

Before buying an electric drill, consider how you plan on using the tool. Read our guide below to see how your planned usage will affect the features you need in a drill.


This factor refers to how comfortable it is to use the drill. The handle should be rubberized to help with grip and the drill shouldn’t be so heavy that your hand and arm get tired during use.


Corded drills are measured in amperes, known as amps. A drill with eight amps is usually sufficient for household projects. However, if you only need the drill to hang the occasional picture, a four-amp model may be a better option. If you plan to use the drill regularly, you may want a drill with 10 amps or more.


Electric drills will have two speeds—a low speed and a high speed—or a variable speed lever that allows you to choose your speed. Keep in mind that lower speeds are better for driving screws because of their higher torque, while higher speeds are better for drilling holes.


Corded drills are less mobile than cordless drills because their cord needs to reach an electrical outlet. If the outlet is too far from the site, you’ll need an extension cord to extend the drill’s reach. Make sure you don’t use a standard indoor extension cord for your drilling job because it isn’t durable or powerful enough to support the tool.

Note: Each cord will have lettering that designates what it can be used for. The cord you use for your electric drill should have a “W” in its lettering for outdoor use.

Chuck Size

The chuck is the tip of the drill that holds the bits. A chuck’s size indicates the maximum diameter a bit can have to fit into the tool.

  • ¼-inch—This chuck size is best for light projects that require a lower amperage.
  • ⅜-inch—This chuck size accommodates a wide range of bit sizes and is sufficient for your home improvement projects.
  • ½-inch—This is the largest chuck size and is meant for heavy-duty tasks like those needed on a construction site.

Extra Features

Drills sometimes come with extra features that make them easier to use. Common built-in features include an LED light to help you see in poorly lit areas, a belt clip to free your hands, and a level to help you accurately install fasteners.

Frequently Asked Questions

When would I use a corded drill instead of a cordless one?

Here are some of the advantages of using a corded drill:

  • Has a higher top speed
  • Has a higher torque
  • Is lighter because it doesn’t have a detachable battery pack
  • Doesn’t need to charge its lithium-ion battery before each use

Who are some of the most trusted electric drill manufacturers?

All of the drills in this review are from trusted manufacturers. Some other electric drill manufacturers to consider include Bosch, PORTER-CABLE, Milwaukee, and Craftsman. These companies offer high-quality drills that last a long time.

What is the difference between a keyed and keyless chuck?

A keyed chuck requires a tool to remove the current drill bit and attach another one, while drill bits on a keyless chuck can be removed by hand. A keyed chuck does a better job of keeping the bit in place, but a keyless chuck may be a better option if you have to frequently switch between drill bits.

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