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Everything You Need To Know About Wardrobe Boxes (2024)

What are wardrobe boxes used for, and are they worth it? We answer all your wardrobe box questions below.

Author Image Written by Shane Sentelle Updated 03/11/2024

Remember the old adage, “You get what you pay for?” That’s as true of packing supplies as it is of anything else. Although you can save money by reusing old boxes and employing creative packing techniques, specialty boxes do have their place. High-quality moving materials can make your moving day much less stressful.

Wardrobe boxes are an excellent example. Though they cost more than regular moving boxes, they compensate for that with the time they save you. Whether you are renting a truck or hiring the best professional movers, wardrobe boxes are the easiest and safest way to pack your clothes. Read our guide below to decide if wardrobe boxes make sense for your move.

What Are Wardrobe Boxes?

Wardrobe boxes are special moving boxes designed to store clothes you would rather hang than fold. They are typically taller than normal moving boxes, made of heavy-duty cardboard, and include a metal hanging bar. You can also choose laydown wardrobe boxes, which are wide enough to accommodate hangers but do not have a metal bar.

Like most moving boxes, wardrobe boxes generally come unassembled. Most require packing tape to assemble, though some do not. You can purchase wardrobe boxes individually or in packs. Packages labeled as closet, wardrobe, or bedroom moving kits often include two or more wardrobe boxes along with small, medium, and large moving boxes.

What Are Wardrobe Boxes Used For?

Not everyone needs wardrobe boxes when they move. For clothes that sit in your dresser, regular cardboard moving boxes or plastic storage boxes will suffice. However, if you have hanging clothes, wardrobe boxes will help keep them wrinkle-free and streamline the packing and unpacking process.

Wardrobe boxes are most commonly used for dresses, suits, skirts, pants, dress shirts, and blouses that could easily snag or wrinkle. They provide a little more protection than regular moving or shipping boxes. Plus, they allow you to keep your clothes on their hangers instead of having to remove and fold them.

Wardrobe boxes can be used to pack other items, too. For instance, extra-large wardrobe boxes can be a great way to pack dining room chairs. Because these boxes tend to be sturdier than regular cardboard boxes, they can help protect tall or bulky items from being scratched or otherwise damaged. If you fill a wardrobe box with shirts, you may have room to place shoes or folded linens in the bottom of the box.

Wardrobe Box Sizes

Wardrobe box sizes will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. For this article, we focused primarily on the options available from U-Haul, Home Depot, and Uline. Here’s what we found:

Small: U-Haul’s small wardrobe box is 24 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 34 inches high and holds up to 80 pounds. This size gives you 2 feet of hanging space. It is tall enough to hold shirts, blouses, folded pants, and sport coats.
Medium: U-Haul’s medium wardrobe box measures 18 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 46 inches tall and holds up to 100 pounds. Because it is a full foot taller than the small size, it can accommodate longer garments, such as pants, winter coats, and dresses. However, it only provides 18 inches of hanging space.
Large: U-Haul’s large wardrobe box measures 24 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 48 inches high and holds up to 100 pounds. This box provides as much hanging space as the small box but stands 2 inches taller than the medium box.
EZ: Several brands offer wardrobe boxes designed for easy assembly. These boxes require no tape and often measure 20 inches long, 20 inches wide, and 34 inches high. U-Haul calls them EZ wardrobe boxes, and Home Depot labels them Easy Up.
Shorty: Some brands offer wardrobe boxes that are slightly more compact and therefore easier to ship than the standard or small size. These boxes, which Uline calls UPSable and U-Haul calls Shorty wardrobe boxes, are 24 inches long, 20 inches wide, and 34 inches high and provide two feet of hanging space.
Tall: Most brands offer wardrobe boxes with a little extra height for long garments. However, they may differ in what they consider tall. Home Depot labels its 44-inch-high wardrobe boxes as tall, whereas Uline’s stand 60 inches high.
Grand: U-Haul offers a grand wardrobe box designed to protect your most expensive clothes, including suits and dresses. This box measures 21 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 48 inches high and features a double wall for extra sturdiness.
Laydown: Laydown wardrobe boxes measure roughly 36 inches long, 21 inches wide, and 10 inches high. They are wide enough for you to leave your clothes on hangers and lay them in the box flat or folded. Some brands call these flat wardrobe boxes.
Suit shippers: Uline’s suit shipper boxes measure 22 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 40 inches high; 22 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 40 inches high; or 22 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 40 inches high. The smallest box has a 4-inch wardrobe bar that holds one to two suits, while the largest has a 12-inch bar that holds six to eight suits.
Eco: Home Depot’s eco wardrobe boxes are made from 100% recycled material. They come in two different sizes: 20 inches long, 20 inches wide, and 31 inches high or 20 inches long, 20 inches wide, and 39 inches high. The latter option is also labeled heavy-duty.

Investing in high-quality boxes is especially important if you are planning a long-distance move. The further your items need to go, the sturdier your boxes should be. U-Haul helpfully provides an Edge Crush Test (ECT) rating for each of its wardrobe boxes. Its double-walled grand wardrobe boxes are the sturdiest option with an ECT rating of 48, which means they can withstand 48 pounds of vertical compression per square inch.

Where To Purchase Wardrobe Boxes

You can buy wardrobe moving boxes from nearly any website or store that sells moving and packing supplies, though the available sizes may vary. Below is a list of places that sell packing boxes, including wardrobe boxes:

  • Amazon
  • Home Depot
  • Lowe’s
  • Office Depot
  • Penske
  • Sam’s Club
  • Staples
  • Target
  • uBoxes
  • U-Haul
  • Uline
  • UPS
  • Walmart

Note that this is not a complete list. All of these companies sell wardrobe boxes online, but you can also check local brick-and-mortar stores. Home improvement stores, moving companies, office supply stores, and big-box retailers are all good places to look for bankers’ boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, and other packing supplies.

If you are having trouble finding the boxes you need, speak to your movers. Many interstate moving companies, including those that merely rent trucks or portable containers, sell moving supplies to customers who wish to self-pack. You may even have the option to purchase boxes at checkout when you pay for your truck or container rental. Alternatively, you can hire full-service movers to pack for you, in which case they will provide the appropriate boxes.

Our Conclusion

Wardrobe boxes can save you time and hassle when packing your bedroom. Moving a closet full of clothes to your new home will be much easier, and your clothes will be better protected. You can even use them to pack chairs and other heavy or bulky items. For these reasons, it may be worth making room in your moving budget for high-quality wardrobe boxes.

Keep in mind that wardrobe boxes are more expensive than regular moving boxes, and in some cases may not be necessary. You can take advantage of suitcases or plastic bins for clothes you keep folded. If you don’t have many items you prefer to keep hanging, you may not need to invest in this type of packing material.

Before hiring a mover or purchasing boxes, take the time to request quotes and compare prices. You can find several budget-friendly moving companies that give you the option to self-pack or use their professional packing services.

FAQ About Wardrobe Boxes

Are wardrobe boxes worth it?

Wardrobe boxes can be worth it if you have a lot of clothes hanging in your closet or if you have some particularly delicate or expensive items. Thanks to the included hanging bar, you can easily transfer your clothes from your closet to the box and vice versa. Packing and unpacking your clothes will take much less time and effort because you do not have to remove or replace hangers.

How much does a wardrobe box cost?

Wardrobe boxes typically cost $12–$24 each. However, particularly large or heavy-duty boxes might cost more. You may be able to save money by purchasing a multi-pack or bundle. Many companies sell individual boxes and packs of two, three, or five. Some even sell full moving kits with a variety of large, medium, and small moving boxes plus a few specialty boxes. The greater the quantity of boxes you purchase, the less each box costs.

What is the difference between wardrobe boxes and moving boxes?

Wardrobe boxes are taller than most moving boxes and have a hanging bar. This allows you to hang your clothes during the move rather than folding them into standard boxes. Wardrobe boxes also tend to cost more and are sturdier to accommodate the weight of the metal bar and clothes.

How many wardrobe boxes do I need for a move?

You can figure out how many wardrobe boxes you need for a move by measuring your closet space. Most moving boxes are 24 inches wide, which means they provide 2 feet of hanging space. If your closet has a single 4-foot rod full of clothes, you would need two wardrobe boxes. 

You may also need to take into account the weight of your clothes. Even the sturdiest U-Haul boxes only hold 80–100 pounds. If you have any particularly heavy clothes, you may hit the box’s weight limit before you run out of space, especially with a small or medium box.

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