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U-Pack Review (2024)

U-Pack is a company that specializes in portable storage container moves. Its sturdy containers and professional drivers have earned them many positive reviews.

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Author Image Written by Shane Sentelle + 1 other Reviewer Icon Reviewed by Kent Sisneros Updated 06/21/2024

U-Pack is a self-service moving container company that helps you move while still giving you the convenience and independence of do-it-yourself (DIY) packing. To help you find the best moving company, we analyzed some of the top moving companies across the nation and compared factors such as customer service, plan options, and state availability. In this review of U-Pack, we take an in-depth look at the company’s services, pros and cons, reputation, quote process, and more to help you determine if it’s a good fit for your next move.

Our Take on U-Pack

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Fort Smith, Arkansas, U-Pack is a nontraditional moving company. Its self-move service style offers flexible options for homeowners and renters alike. The company claims to offer affordable services because it eliminates the need for movers to pack and load your items and includes the cost of transportation, storage, and moving supplies in your quote.

U-Pack has an A+ rating on its Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile and a higher customer reviews rating than many competitors. It may be a good moving option for DIYers who don’t have the budget to hire a professional moving company.

Moving Services
3.3 / 5
3.3 / 5
Additional Services
3.4 / 5
3.4 / 5
Insurance Coverage
3.1 / 5
3.1 / 5
3.8 / 5
3.8 / 5
Additional Benefits
4.2 / 5
4.2 / 5
Customer Service
4.4 / 5
4.4 / 5

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What Are the Pros and Cons of U-Pack?

Here’s a look at some of the pros and cons of moving with U-Pack:

Is widely available around the nation and can transport your belongings to Canada and Puerto Rico
Allows customers to save money by doing the packing and loading on their own
Insures each move with liability coverage
Requires customers to purchase additional service to access service guarantee
Doesn’t have an app to monitor or track your move

What Moving Services Does U-Pack Offer?

U-Pack provides door-to-door moving services for residential homes of various sizes and offers customizable options to fit your needs for both local and long-distance moves. However, U-Pack uses a service model that’s different from the traditional moving company.

When you hire U-Pack, you’ll be using its self-pack method, during which the company will drop off a pack trailer or moving container at your home for you to pack yourself. You’ll have three business days to load the container with your stuff. When you’re finished, U-Pack will return to pick the container up and drive it to your new home.

Services from U-Pack include:

  • Cost of the driver
  • Equipment
  • Transportation
  • Mileage

This allows many families to save money on hiring movers to pack and load their items. While U-Pack doesn’t offer moving help, it can refer you to a service provider that offers these services. The company partners with local companies that offer moving labor, which you can add to your move.

When you request a self-pack moving service from U-Pack, you can choose from the following types of moving equipment:

This is the main product used for packing and shipping belongings. This small storage container is ideal for smaller moves, as it’s small enough to fit in a regular parking space.

If you have more furniture and belongings than what fits in the ReloCube, you may opt for a moving trailer. This can be parked at your home, then driven to your new place.

U-Pack Availability

U-Pack has over 240 locations across all 50 states, as well as some branches in Canada and Puerto Rico. Its team can drive your belongings virtually anywhere in the United States.

How Much Does a Move With U-Pack Cost?

The cost of self-pack moving services from U-Pack will vary based on the linear footage you need for a moving trailer or the number of ReloCube containers you need, as well as the distance of your relocation.

Other fees include:

  • Fuel cost
  • Taxes
  • The driver’s time

On its website, you can get a free quote for your upcoming move. U-Pack also has a space estimator tool that can help you determine how much storage space you may need for your belongings.

Note: When requesting a moving quote, U-Pack has a mileage requirement for its moving services. A request for a local move within California was rejected, so we inputted information for a cross-country move. Check with the company for details on a local move.

Here are a couple of sample quotes we received:

  • Move a one-bedroom home or apartment from California to Nevada: $780
  • Move a one-bedroom home or apartment from California to Georgia: $4,423

Your final price may be different from the original quote if you use more or less space than initially quoted, add extra services, or are planning to move to Canada. While you must reserve services with a credit card, you won’t be charged until the day of the move.

U-Pack Discounts

Customers can save $25 when they book a move online. U-Pack also provides discounts for students and military members.

U-Pack Scheduling

When you’re ready to schedule a move with U-Pack, you can book your move online or over the phone. U-Pack recommends booking your reservation as soon in advance as possible to secure services. Your reservation will guarantee your move date and the equipment you requested, and you don’t have to pay a deposit to reserve your spot. Note: same-day services may be available in some locations.

When scheduling a move, U-Pack encourages customers to ask their driver or customer service representative for a one- or two-hour delivery window to estimate the time their belongings will be delivered.

If you need to cancel your reservation, call the U-Pack customer service line. If you cancel more than seven days before the moving date, you won’t be charged a cancellation fee. However, if you cancel within seven days of the reservation date, you’ll be charged a $50 cancellation fee. For same-day cancellations, there’s a $150 fee.

U-Pack Customer Service

U-Pack has a 24/7 customer service line for getting quotes and making reservations, but unfortunately, there’s no mobile app to help track your move. You can, however, add on the provider’s U-Pack Guarantee to your services.

This guarantee will let you know the exact day you can expect your delivery. The driver is guaranteed to be on time, every time, offering homeowners a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your container is not delivered on your guaranteed date, you’ll get a refund of the transportation charges.

U-Pack Reviews

U-Pack is accredited with the BBB and has an A+ rating from the organization. U-Pack reviews are mostly positive, with some customers complimenting the professionalism of the customer service representatives and service people and other customers praising the company for working around their schedule and having an easy booking process.

On the other hand, there are a few unsatisfied customers who mentioned that their moving containers were either damaged or messy when a U-Pack driver dropped it off. Other negative reviews mentioned extra fees that made the price way higher than the original quote.

Read a couple of U-Pack reviews below:

Best Company

Positive Reviews

Highly recommend U-Pack
Had a good experience. Everything arrived on time and everything came to our new place on time. The price they told us, is the price we paid. There was no hidden charges. Highly recommended!
— Frank T., February 21, 2024, on Trustpilot
Everything went as planned
Moving across states is always complicated, but using a U-Pack trailer really made this move go smoothly. The customer service was great and the whole thing went as planned. I had compared pricing with some of the other container services, and this was the most cost-effective. I was pretty nervous about coordinating the delivery with the hiring of movers to unload the trailer, but the customer service folks were super helpful and I was able to get it all sorted out. If I move across states in the future, I’ll definitely go with U-Pack again.
— April F., March 27, 2024, on BBB
Customer service was amazing
U-Pack was great all around. Customer Service was amazing. The driver’s were polite, prompt & went out of their way to get the container where it needed to be to unload. This is the way to go when moving. Very reasonable.
— Debbie B., March 26, 2024, on BBB

Negative Reviews

Trailer had no tie-down loops
This was my second U-Pack move. While all went very well both times, I was a bit distressed that the trailer this time had no tie-down loops, only the sidebar rails that could only be used with the very minimal commercial number of wide fiber straps the mover provided. The numerous adjustably lowerable bars across the roof did provide an effective place for a mattress and box spring above the load however. The pickup, transit, and delivery were quick and effective, with U-Pack being very responsive to my needs.
— Thomas K., March 21, 2024, on BBB
Trailers are dirty
Great logistics, communication and coordination. Only issue is the trailers are very dirty and greasy inside. Even with proper packing and wrapping your items will get stained.
— Shawn C., January 27, 2024, on BBB
Overcharged by two feet
We used UPack a few times and we liked almost everything about UPack. The only exception was our latest move from SoCal to Reno where we got an old trailer without interior foot markings, so I believe we were overcharged by about two feet. And the drop off driver in SoCal didn’t give us the proper instructions on securing the interior & exterior doors. Fortunately I was very familiar with the correct way and did it according to UPacks instructions. Other than that all the drivers were great. I would use UPack again.
— Steve S., November 23, 2023, on BBB

Alternative Moving Companies

Based on in-depth research, here are our top recommended moving companies:

Star Rating BBB Rating Sample Quote Deposit Required Link
International Van Lines International Van Lines
A+ $2,519–$4,306 25% GET ESTIMATE
American Van Lines American Van Lines
A+ $4,544 Up to 50% up-front GET ESTIMATE
Safeway Moving Inc. Safeway Moving Inc.
B- $4,000–$5,000 Up to 40% GET ESTIMATE
Interstate Moving & Relocation Group Interstate Moving & Relocation Group
B $3,823–$4,824 Up to 33% GET ESTIMATE
Moving APT Moving APT
B $3,566–$6,266 Varies between partners GET ESTIMATE
JK Moving Services JK Moving Services
A+ $5,600–$6,622 $250 up-front GET ESTIMATE
North American Van Lines North American Van Lines
A+ $4,700–$5,540 None GET ESTIMATE
Allied Van Lines Allied Van Lines
A+ $5,442 – $6,312 None GET ESTIMATE
United Van Lines United Van Lines
A+ Call for quote None GET ESTIMATE
Mayflower Mayflower
A+ $3,500–$4,500 None GET ESTIMATE
International Van Lines
Logo International Van Lines
Star Rating
BBB Rating A+
Sample Quote $2,519–$4,306
Deposit Required 25%
American Van Lines
Logo American Van Lines
Star Rating
BBB Rating A+
Sample Quote $4,544
Deposit Required Up to 50% up-front
Safeway Moving Inc.
Logo Safeway Moving Inc.
Star Rating
BBB Rating B-
Sample Quote $4,000–$5,000
Deposit Required Up to 40%
Interstate Moving & Relocation Group
Logo Interstate Moving & Relocation Group
Star Rating
BBB Rating B
Sample Quote $3,823–$4,824
Deposit Required Up to 33%
Moving APT
Logo Moving APT
Star Rating
BBB Rating B
Sample Quote $3,566–$6,266
Deposit Required Varies between partners
JK Moving Services
Logo JK Moving Services
Star Rating
BBB Rating A+
Sample Quote $5,600–$6,622
Deposit Required $250 up-front
North American Van Lines
Logo North American Van Lines
Star Rating
BBB Rating A+
Sample Quote $4,700–$5,540
Deposit Required None
Allied Van Lines
Logo Allied Van Lines
Star Rating
BBB Rating A+
Sample Quote $5,442 – $6,312
Deposit Required None
United Van Lines
Logo United Van Lines
Star Rating
BBB Rating A+
Sample Quote Call for quote
Deposit Required None
Logo Mayflower
Star Rating
BBB Rating A+
Sample Quote $3,500–$4,500
Deposit Required None
Company Star Rating BBB Rating Sample Quote Deposit Required Visit Site
A+ $2,519–$4,306 25% GET ESTIMATE
A+ $4,544 Up to 50% up-front GET ESTIMATE
B- $4,000–$5,000 Up to 40% GET ESTIMATE
B $3,823–$4,824 Up to 33% GET ESTIMATE
B $3,566–$6,266 Varies between partners GET ESTIMATE
A+ $5,600–$6,622 $250 up-front GET ESTIMATE
A+ $5,442 – $6,312 None GET ESTIMATE
A+ $4,700–$5,540 None GET ESTIMATE
A+ $3,256–$4,679 None GET ESTIMATE
A+ $3,500–$4,500 None GET ESTIMATE
A+ Call for quote None GET ESTIMATE

Note: Sample quotes are for a 2-bedroom move from Portland, Oregon, to San Francisco.
Note: BBB ratings are accurate as of April 2024.

Our Conclusion

If you’re on a budget and just need help to transport your items during a move, U-Pack may be a good option. U-Pack is staffed by courteous service people, allows homeowners and renters to pack their own belongings, and offers a satisfaction guarantee to ensure your move is as seamless as possible.

This company may be a good choice for people with fewer belongings who have the desire to pack and load their items on their own or the do-it-yourself homeowner or renter who just needs help getting their belongings from point A to point B. If you are interested in hiring a full-service moving company, check out our selection of the best moving companies for small moves.

To see if U-Pack’s offerings fall within your budget, we recommend getting a free quote by filling out this short form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are my belongings covered by insurance with U-Pack?

Each move includes carrier negligence liability and catastrophic liability coverage. Because customers are packing their own belongings, U-Pack doesn’t cover damage due to poor packing and loading.

What is the size of a ReloCube from U-Pack?

The moving containers offered by U-Pack are six feet long, seven feet wide, and eight feet tall. According to U-Pack, a ReloCube can hold about one room’s worth of furniture and belongings. You can order multiple containers and use tools on the company’s website to gauge how many cubes you should order.

Where will U-Pack drop off and park the moving container?

U-Pack will use a moving truck to drop off your ReloCube in a residential driveway or an approved parking lot or street. Check that there’s legal parking available in your area before requesting the equipment. If you’re using your driveway, make sure it has a slant of no more than five degrees. If you’re looking to drop off a container at your storage unit, check with the property manager of the facility to ensure the best drop off times and whether it’s okay to leave it overnight.

Our Rating Methodology

We back up our moving company ratings and recommendations with a detailed rating methodology to objectively score each company. We conduct research by reading through the company websites, analyzing customer reviews, conducting consumer surveys, requesting quotes, and speaking with customer representatives. We then score each moving company against our review standards for services, contents coverage, scheduling, trailer and container options, additional benefits, and reputation to arrive at a final score out of 100.

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