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North American Van Lines Review (2024)

Author Image Written by Shane Sentelle + 1 other Reviewer Icon Reviewed by Kent Sisneros Updated 05/22/2024

One way to take some of the stress out of your next move is to plan ahead by selecting a full-service mover. However, choosing the right mover can be a headache-inducing task in and of itself. Our team has tried to alleviate that pain by researching the best moving companies and evaluating them based on the types of services they offer, cost, customer support, and more.

Our team reviewed North American Van Lines (NAVL) to help you decide whether it’s a good fit for your upcoming move.

North American Van Lines
Best for Claims
Book my move today!
  • Our rating: 4.6 out of 5
  • Availability: 50 states, plus 130 other countries


  • Provides single point of contact for all moves
  • Has more than 500 individual locations that offer local and small-move service
  • Has different pricing plans to suit all budgets and needs


  • Offers varied service options depending on client location
  • Provides inconsistent quality in some locations, based on customer reviews we read on Yelp and the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

NAVL offers numerous basic and add-on services. You can procure full-service packing or purchase packing supplies and handle this part of the move yourself. It also offers antique and specialty moving options if your small move includes specific valuables. Installation assistance for appliances and debris removal are also available.

Our Take on North American Van Lines

We rated North American Van Lines a 92 out of 100 and believe the company is best for claims due to its simplified, user-friendly approach to filing moving damage claims. North American Van Lines stands out for its quick online access to claims information. Necessary forms for both international and domestic claims are easily accessible on the company’s website. Customers can also file claims by phone through a designated claims support line, rather than having to navigate a general customer service menu.

North American specializes in long-distance and international moves, offering related add-on services such as storage and vehicle transport. The company also accommodates shorter and smaller moves with partial- and self-packing options.

Pros and Cons of North American Van Lines

Here’s a quick look at some of the advantages and drawbacks you may encounter with North American:

Offers not-to-exceed pricing that ensures your moving cost won’t be higher than your quote
Has an online library of moving-related tip sheets, checklists, blogs, FAQ, and videos
Provides a mobile app so you can track your move
Varies storage options based on local availability
Has received customer reviews that indicate your moving experience may vary by location

North American Van Lines Availability

North American Van Lines can assist with long-distance moves in all 50 states and more than 130 countries through its own fleet of moving vehicles, as well as its network of approximately 500 professional moving partners.

North American Van Lines Moving Services

North American Van Lines offers a variety of industry-standard full- and partial-service moving options, including packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, short- and long-term storage, and contents protection plans. Standout services, such as the disassembly and reassembly of furniture and major appliances as well as vehicle transport, provide added convenience. Learn more about North American Van Lines’ services below.

  • Packing and unpacking: You can pay for movers to pack, wrap, and unpack your items. You can also benefit from fragile-only packing, ensuring your breakables and high-value items are expertly packed and protected while allowing you to handle all other items. You can also purchase packing supplies if you choose to pack your items yourself.
  • Loading and unloading: Professional moving crews will carefully load your belongings onto a moving truck, unload the truck, and place furniture and boxes in the rooms they belong.
  • Installation and assembly: Movers can disassemble, reassemble, and install furniture and appliances.
  • Storage solutions: You can get short- or long-term storage at a facility within the company’s network. If you’re temporarily storing items during your transition to a new location, NAVL will load and deliver those items to you once you’re ready.
  • Moving coverage: No-Cost Released Value Protection, also known as basic carrier liability, is offered through NAVL’s full-valuation protection program. This coverage will reimburse you for the replacement value of your broken or lost items based on a value of $6 per pound and a minimum shipment value of $6,000. In other words, your shipment’s total weight is multiplied by $6. This is significantly more coverage than the standard 60 cents per pound required by federal law.
  • Vehicle shipping: You can ship a car, truck, SUV, van, or boat using either open or enclosed carrier transportation. Enclosed carriers are helpful for transporting classic cars or rare vehicles since these moving trucks protect against exposure to the elements.

North American Van Lines Cost

North American Van Lines provides flat-rate pricing following a thorough in-home estimate. This means that your personalized quote is the amount you can expect to actually pay for your move. You should spend time before the in-home estimate to create an in-depth and accurate inventory of your belongings; misrepresentation of your move size or an addition of items after the in-home estimate will change your total cost on moving day.

The cost to move with NAVL depends on the number and types of add-on services you may need, such as storage and vehicle relocation. Other factors that affect pricing include the overall distance of your move, the services you select, and the total weight of your shipment.

Sample quote: $3,820 (two-bedroom move from Phoenix, Arizona, to Boulder, Colorado)*

*Sample quote includes packing, unpacking, loading and unloading, shipment tracking, basic carrier liability coverage, associated fuel costs, and toll charges.

North American Van Lines Discounts

North American Van Lines offers discount programs to American Legion members and members of unions.

  • American Legion membership discount program provides up to $100,000 in replacement coverage protection on household items while in transit for a bottom-line savings of $850. American Legion members who sign up for NAVL’s discount program also receive access to exclusive moving and storage discounts, non-peak rates year-round, and guaranteed quotes.
  • Union member discounts consist of up to $50,000 in replacement coverage (a savings of $560) and all perks provided to Legion members and their families, with the addition of packing discounts.

Find out how much your move would cost with North American Van Lines by taking NAVL’s short survey or contacting a representative at 877-624-0912.

North American Van Lines Booking Process

Here are the steps involved with booking a move through North American Van Lines:

  1. Visit the company’s website or call the customer service line to provide general details about your move. The website will provide you with a general cost estimate based on the size of your home and the distance and time of year.
  2. Contact a relocation specialist via customer service to arrange for a virtual or in-person assessment of your home and its contents. During this phase of the process, the home survey representative will take a visual inventory of your items and estimate their total size and weight. The representative will also assess any special needs and unique challenges and help you determine which services are best-suited for your move.
  3. Following the home survey, you will receive a written estimate. NAVL will give you the option of an estimate using its Bottom Line Pricing, which is a guaranteed cost based on your quote, or Not-to-Exceed Pricing, which means your actual moving cost may be lower but will never go above the quoted estimate. You can also request Customized Pricing, which is a combination of a guaranteed price and separate service costs.
  4. Finalize your moving date with your relocation specialist. North American Van Lines does not require an up-front deposit to reserve a moving date.

North American Van Lines Reviews

North American Van Lines has maintained accreditation with the BBB since 1984. The company currently has an A+ rating with the organization.*

Read a couple of North American Van Lines reviews below:

“I was very nervous about selecting the right moving company during my recent move from NJ to FL. North American Van Lines quoted the best price, so I was even more nervous they would [provide] services as promised. From the very beginning, they followed up consistently. The driver… and crew showed up early on moving day and delivery day, [and] they got right to work and never complained about anything. They were professional and friendly…. My coordinator called while they were there to check in to make sure everything was going well. [She] also called many times to make sure I received calls from the driver regarding timing and see if I had any questions or concerns. All in all, North American Van Lines was terrific. Honestly, I can’t think of one thing to complain about.” —Mary M. via Yelp

“…In all the different transfers, a whole box was lost, two electronic devices [that] were mispacked on the side no longer worked, a lamp was destroyed, and my refrigerator [was] dented. I paid for full insurance, [but] the adjuster refused to pay anything for the damaged electronics…[and] has given no damage for the lost box, as my wife could not verify every one of over 40 boxes. The movers were in a rush and did not help verify that the boxes were present…. I paid about $400 extra for insurance. Now that there has been damage, I expected a fair settlement.” —Michael C. via BBB

*BBB information is accurate as of March 2023.

North American Van Lines vs. Other Moving Companies

Many other professional moving companies offer services similar to North American Van Lines. Review some of our other recommendations for moving companies below to help compare NAVL against your other options.

Star Rating BBB Rating Sample Quote Deposit Required Link
International Van Lines International Van Lines
A+ $2,519–$4,306 25% VISIT SITE
American Van Lines American Van Lines
A+ $4,544 Up to 50% up-front VISIT SITE
Safeway Moving Inc. Safeway Moving Inc.
B- $4,000–$5,000 Up to 40% VISIT SITE
Interstate Moving & Relocation Group Interstate Moving & Relocation Group
B $3,823–$4,824 Up to 33% VISIT SITE
Moving APT Moving APT
B $3,566–$6,266 Varies between partners VISIT SITE
JK Moving Services JK Moving Services
A+ $5,600–$6,622 $250 up-front VISIT SITE
North American Van Lines North American Van Lines
A+ $4,700–$5,540 None VISIT SITE
Allied Van Lines Allied Van Lines
A+ $5,442 – $6,312 None VISIT SITE
United Van Lines United Van Lines
A+ Call for quote None VISIT SITE
Mayflower Mayflower
A+ $3,500–$4,500 None VISIT SITE
International Van Lines
Logo International Van Lines
Star Rating
BBB Rating A+
Sample Quote $2,519–$4,306
Deposit Required 25%
American Van Lines
Logo American Van Lines
Star Rating
BBB Rating A+
Sample Quote $4,544
Deposit Required Up to 50% up-front
Safeway Moving Inc.
Logo Safeway Moving Inc.
Star Rating
BBB Rating B-
Sample Quote $4,000–$5,000
Deposit Required Up to 40%
Interstate Moving & Relocation Group
Logo Interstate Moving & Relocation Group
Star Rating
BBB Rating B
Sample Quote $3,823–$4,824
Deposit Required Up to 33%
Moving APT
Logo Moving APT
Star Rating
BBB Rating B
Sample Quote $3,566–$6,266
Deposit Required Varies between partners
JK Moving Services
Logo JK Moving Services
Star Rating
BBB Rating A+
Sample Quote $5,600–$6,622
Deposit Required $250 up-front
North American Van Lines
Logo North American Van Lines
Star Rating
BBB Rating A+
Sample Quote $4,700–$5,540
Deposit Required None
Allied Van Lines
Logo Allied Van Lines
Star Rating
BBB Rating A+
Sample Quote $5,442 – $6,312
Deposit Required None
United Van Lines
Logo United Van Lines
Star Rating
BBB Rating A+
Sample Quote Call for quote
Deposit Required None
Logo Mayflower
Star Rating
BBB Rating A+
Sample Quote $3,500–$4,500
Deposit Required None
Best For
Star Rating
BBB Rating
Service Model
Best Service Offerings
Carrier and broker
Best Overall Moving Labor
Carrier and broker
Most Reliable Pricing
Carrier and broker
Most Efficient
Best Customer Service
Best Specialized Packing
Carrier and broker
Best for Claims
Best for Vehicle Relocation
Best Base Moving Coverage
Carrier and broker
Best for Large Moves
Carrier and broker

North American Van Lines vs. International Van Lines

International Van Lines (IVL) received a 96 out of 100 in our review due to its variety of full-service moving options and reasonably affordable rates. IVL offers full- and partial-service moving packages as well as add-on services such as vehicle shipping, packing supplies, temporary storage, and special handling of fitness equipment, pianos, and other large or valuable items.

IVL can handle moves of any size locally, long-distance, and internationally. The company has an extensive network of local movers and a large fleet of trucks, making it a good option for long-distance relocations.

We received a quote of $2,015–$3,445 from IVL to move a two-bedroom home from Columbus, Ohio, to Atlanta, in early June. The estimate includes loading services and transportation.

North American Van Lines vs. JK Moving Services

JK Moving Services is another full-service moving company with a variety of options that allow customers to create a customized moving package. One highlight of JK Moving is its in-house financing option, which most moving companies do not provide.

Through a partnership with Enhancify, qualifying customers can receive rates as low as 0% same-as-cash.** As with all financing offers, it’s important to read the fine print on interest rates, so you know before signing a contract how much additional costs you are taking on in the long run.

JK Moving may not be a good fit for those moving to a new home within the same city or region, as the company currently handles local moves only in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. However, the company can accommodate out-of-state and long-distance moves of all sizes throughout the United States.

**Subject to credit approval.

Our Conclusion

North American Van Lines is one of our highest-rated full-service moving companies, with a score of 92 out of 100. The company’s experience, extensive network of professional movers across the U.S. and the world, and variety of plan options make it a great choice for those looking for the convenience of a full-service mover. NAVL is also a good fit for those relocating out of state or across the country, as the company specializes in long-distance moving.

Keep in mind that while North American Van Lines is a licensed carrier, meaning it can directly facilitate moves, the company often relies upon its network of local movers to handle relocations outside its coverage areas. This means that customer service could vary depending on where you are located and which agent within NAVL’s network handles your moving needs.

We recommend that you review similar full-service companies like International Van Lines to compare pricing. If the cost of moving is a concern, JK Moving may be a better solution due to its in-house financing option.

Frequently Asked Questions About North American Van Lines

Is North American Van Lines expensive?

We requested a quote from North American Van Lines to move the contents of a two-bedroom home from Phoenix to Boulder, Colorado, early in the fall season. They estimated our move—including packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, shipment tracking, and basic carrier liability coverage as well as transport of items and associated fuel and toll charges—would cost approximately $3,819.

Is North American Van Lines legit?

Yes, North American Van Lines is a legitimate moving company. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) currently gives NAVL an A+ rating based on overall customer service and feedback.

When is the best time of year to move?

Moving in the fall or winter can be the most cost-effective approach. Demand for movers usually slows down beginning in late September until early spring, around April, so companies lower their rates to encourage you to book with them during this time. However, don’t forget to consider any potential adverse weather conditions where you currently reside and the location to which you are moving when planning your move.

How do I know which moving companies are the best?

Finding the right professional mover will depend on the services you need as well as your moving budget. Before requesting quotes from moving companies, we recommend that you first take inventory of your belongings, calculate the distance of your move, and determine the amount of moving assistance you want or need.

You should confirm that the mover you choose is fully licensed and insured. You can check this by first looking for a U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) number on a moving company’s website. Interstate movers must be registered with the federal government and be assigned a USDOT number. Typically, that number will be found at the bottom of a company’s homepage.

Once you locate a mover’s USDOT number, you can enter it into the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s online search tool for verification. Reputable licensed movers are typically certified by one or more trade associations. Additionally, check third-party customer review sites, such as the BBB, to see what other customers have to say about the moving companies you’re considering.

Is a mover still responsible for broken or damaged items if I handle packing?

Moving companies are liable for losses and damage caused during transit unless a loss or damage is due to an act of nature, such as a lightning strike, tornado, or earthquake, or other scenarios involving extenuating circumstances, such as a piece of furniture being dropped down the stairs due to a preexisting loose handrail or a broken floorboard causing a crew member to stumble and knock over a fragile item. To ensure the safe transport of a customer’s belongings, movers often operate under a tariff provision that allows them to repack improperly or unsafely packed boxes.

Note that movers are also exempt from liability if the loss or damage was caused by an act of omission on the part of the shipper. Improper packing falls under that act of omission category, so be sure to follow professional moving tips on proper packing and notify your movers of any questions or potential issues you may have concerning the items you packed.

Our Rating Methodology

We back up our moving company ratings and recommendations with a detailed rating methodology to objectively score each company. We conduct research by reading through the company websites, analyzing customer reviews, conducting consumer surveys, requesting quotes, and speaking with customer representatives. We then score each moving company against our review standards for services, contents coverage, scheduling, trailer and container options, additional benefits, and reputation to arrive at a final score out of 100.

To share feedback or ask a question about this article, send a note to our Reviews Team at reviews@thisoldhousereviews.com.