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Learn more about our process for determining the top moving companies below.


Our Moving Company Review Process

Before we determined the best moving companies, we first narrowed down which major categories to evaluate. We analyzed 31 providers on features including the number and types of services they offer; the variety of added perks available to help streamline the moving process; scheduling options; and customer satisfaction.

Below are the seven categories we used to grade moving companies on a 100-point scale.

Basic Moving Services

  • Local moves
  • Long-distance moves
  • International moves

Additional Services

  • Packing
  • Unpacking
  • Loading
  • Unloading 

Contents Coverage Options

  • Minimum 60 cents per pound per item
  • Two coverage plan options
  • Three or more coverage plan options

Scheduling Options

  • Over the phone only
  • Online only
  • Online and over the phone

Trailer and Container Sizes

  • One size option
  • Two size options
  • Three or more size options

Additional Benefits

  • Moving calculator/online quote
  • Storage options
  • Moving checklist
  • Packing materials for purchase
  • Truck rental
  • Financing


  • Current Better Business Bureau rating


Our Scoring Process

We assigned a point value to each of the above factors for a total of 100 points, then evaluated each moving company based on this system to determine its score. We weighted each category on its relative importance in the moving process to determine what makes a professional mover among the best in the country. For example, we weighted the types of moves a company will handle (such as long-distance or local) at 30%, while the number of moving date scheduling options only factored into 7% of the overall score.

How We Weighted Our Key Categories

Moving Services (30%)

We gave moving companies 10 points for each type of moving service offered, including local, long-distance, and international moves. For context, local moves include in-state relocations (usually of 50 miles or less) and long-distance moves, including interstate and cross-country relocations. Moving companies that provide services for local and long-distance relocations but not local moves received 20 points out of a potential 30, for example.

Additional Services (29%)

We gave moving companies a total of 18 points for offering packing and unpacking services, plus another 11 points for providing loading and unloading services.

Contents Coverage Options (10%)

Federal law requires all moving companies to provide basic contents coverage that reimburses customers at least 60 cents per pound for any items that are lost, damaged, stolen, or broken during the relocation process. We gave moving companies one point for providing this coverage, but added four additional points for those that offer at least one other optional insurance plan. We gave five more points to companies that provide at least two optional insurance plans beyond the federally required minimum coverage.

Scheduling Options (7%)

Moving companies that will only schedule relocation services over the phone received three out of a possible seven points. Those that offer online booking received six points, and those that let customers book both online and over the phone received the full seven points.

Trailer and Container Sizes (7%)

We gave a maximum of seven points to companies that provide moving trailers and/or moving-and-storage containers in at least three sizes. We gave five points to companies that offer two size options, and three points to those that offer only one size.

Additional Benefits (12%)

Many moving companies offer a variety of perks and tools that don’t fall within the other categories. For example, some companies provide an online tool to help consumers determine a ballpark moving estimate after entering some basic information about their relocation, including moving distance and home size. In addition, many full-service long-distance movers offer short- and long-term storage options and delivery to storage facilities. Some also sell and ship packing materials to accommodate DIY and partial-service customers.

We awarded companies two points for each of the following additional benefits for a maximum of 12 points:

  • Online moving cost calculator
  • Short- and long-term storage
  • Checklist of moving to-do items
  • Packing materials for direct purchase 
  • Moving truck rentals
  • In-house moving loans

Reputation (5%)

We monitor the most up-to-date Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings and assign the maximum value of five points to those with an A or A+ rating. 

Here is a breakdown of point values for ratings of B+ or lower:

  • B+ or B: Four points
  • C: Three points

D or Not Rated: One point


Choosing the Right Moving Company

We aim for our moving company review methodology to provide homeowners and renters with comprehensive guides to the top professional movers nationwide. In our moving guides, we outline our top picks for the best movers in the industry based on our research into and subsequent rating of each company we include.

As you plan your next move, we intend for these guides to provide you with an informed sense of what to expect from your moving experience with each of the companies listed. Beyond our rating system, we note services you may find helpful for your particular relocation, including furniture disassembly and reassembly, custom crating for fragile items such as electronics and fine art, and more.

We also review each company so you can learn more about their services, costs, and customer satisfaction before making a decision. We then compare the top providers on key metrics so you can see how each one measures up to its competitors.

The right moving company for you ultimately depends on your specific needs and budget. We always recommend that consumers request moving quotes from at least three professional moving companies before making their decision.

To help you get started, check out some of our moving guides below: