Whether you’re moving for a career opportunity near the Portland metro area or want to settle down in the quiet countryside, Oregon has become a popular destination to move. If you need help moving to, from, or within Oregon, a professional moving company can help.

The This Old House Reviews Team researched and ranked some of the best moving companies in the United States to help you find the best mover in Oregon for you.



Top 7 Best Moving Companies in Oregon

We named the following movers as the best moving companies in Oregon based on our rigorous methodology and research:



Superlative Star Rating BBB Rating Link
International Van Lines Best Full-Service Mover
American Van Lines Most Experienced Mover
Interstate Moving & Relocation Group Most Efficient
Safeway Moving Inc. Most Customer-Oriented
Moving APT Best Customer Service
JK Moving Services Most Customizable
North American Van Lines Best for Claims
Allied Van Lines Best for Vehicle Relocation
International Van Lines
Logo International Van Lines
Superlative Best Full-Service Mover
Star Rating
BBB Rating B
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American Van Lines
Logo American Van Lines
Superlative Most Experienced Mover
Star Rating
BBB Rating B-
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Interstate Moving & Relocation Group
Logo Interstate Moving & Relocation Group
Superlative Most Efficient
Star Rating
BBB Rating B
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Safeway Moving Inc.
Logo Safeway Moving Inc.
Superlative Most Customer-Oriented
Star Rating
BBB Rating A+
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Moving APT
Logo Moving APT
Superlative Best Customer Service
Star Rating
BBB Rating B
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JK Moving Services
Logo JK Moving Services
Superlative Most Customizable
Star Rating
BBB Rating A+
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North American Van Lines
Logo North American Van Lines
Superlative Best for Claims
Star Rating
BBB Rating A+
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Allied Van Lines
Logo Allied Van Lines
Superlative Best for Vehicle Relocation
Star Rating
BBB Rating A+
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International Van Lines

Our Rating: Best Overall Full-Service Mover

International Van Lines (IVL) offers full-service moving services at affordable pricing. Its services include packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking. IVL also offers specialty services for moving difficult items, such as pianos and antiques, as well as custom crating options.

International Van Lines is better suited for long-distance moves involving Oregon, rather than local moves, which the company requires a two-bedroom home to conduct.

Pros & Cons

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of International Van Lines:

Offers a variety of adjustable contents protection plans
Provides affordable specialty services for moving antiques and pianos
Handles the disassembly and reassembly of difficult furniture

✘ Its prices are higher compared to DIY moving options
✘ Better suited for cross-country moves as opposed to local moves


International Van Lines offers a comprehensive selection of service options. IVL also offers services for local moves within the same state. However, this service requires at least a two-bedroom apartment or home. Learn more about International Van Lines Services.


International Van Lines quoted us $2,015–$3,445 for a two-bedroom home moving from Portland, Oregon, to Salem, Oregon, in two months. This estimate includes loading and transportation services. Learn how International Van Lines can help with your move by completing this simple survey.

Learn More: International Van Lines Review



American Van Lines

Our Rating: Most Experienced Moving Labor

American Van Lines (AVL) is a great choice for those concerned about the handling of their fragile or difficult items. The company provides full-time moving teams that hold an average of 10 years of moving experience. This approach allows customers to work with reputable and knowledgeable movers for service options including packing, loading, crating, furniture disassembly, and much more.

Though AVL doesn’t provide local moving services in Oregon, it does provide fixed pricing on cross-country moves involving Oregon. AVL customers pay for the binding estimate they receive at the end of the quote process, unlike other movers who may adjust pricing based on changes during the move.

Pros & Cons

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of American Van Lines:

Offers binding estimates on long-distance moves
Provides skillful, full-time, background-checked moving teams
Its storage services include on-site private storage and personal storage vaults
✘ Its prices can be higher than come competitors
✘ Deposits range from 10%-50% of your total moving price
✘ Doesn’t offer in-state moving options in Oregon


AVL provides a comprehensive selection of services for interstate moves. Learn more about all the services American Van Lines offers.


American Van Lines does not provide online estimates. To give you a quote, the company requires a detailed inventory process and offers the option for a 10-minute virtual walkthrough. The company also provides some additional cost information on its moving cost page. To start your cross-country move with AVL and get a binding estimate, fill out this online form.

Learn More: American Van Lines Review



JK Moving Services

Our Rating: Most Customizable Full-Service Mover

JK Moving is a full-service mover that’s a great option for anyone who wants affordable full-service moving options. The company uses personal moving coordinators who work with you to create custom moving packages tailored to your budget and moving needs. To add further financial security to your move, JK Moving offers financing through its partnership with Enhancify. Customers receive rates as low as 0% same-as-cash on popular full-service moving options like loading and unloading.

Note: JK Moving doesn’t offer local moving services in Oregon, but it makes a great option for cross-country moves involving Oregon.

Pros & Cons

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of JK Moving:

✓ Provides a mobile app that helps customers create an online inventory and receive a moving quote
✓ Offers GPS tracking and a personal coordinator for all shipments
✓ Offers financing through Enhancify

✘ Customer reviews vary based on branch location
✘ Doesn’t provide local moves in Oregon
✘ Doesn’t offer online sample pricing


JK Moving offers service options for both full-service and partial-service packages.

Learn More: JK Moving Services


JK Moving doesn’t offer online quotes, but you can fill out an easy-to-use form to get in touch with an agent. Several factors will influence your overall cost with JK Moving, such as the services you opt for, the distance of your move, the weight of your move, and the location of your original home. To get in touch with a JK Moving agent for a moving quote, complete this short survey.

Learn More: JK Moving Services Review



Allied Van Lines

Our Rating: Best for Vehicle Relocation

As the longest-running moving company in the U.S., Allied Van Lines has an extensive network of moving agents throughout all 50 states and more than 130 countries. The company provides full-service moving locally, long distance, and internationally, as well as partial-service packages and optional add-ons like storage and vehicle transportation.

Allied can ship most vehicles using either open or enclosed car carriers. Open carriers are the most economical option, but they do expose your vehicle to external elements, such as rain and snow. An enclosed carrier is essentially a semi-trailer truck in which your vehicle can be protected from the outdoors during transport. Enclosed carriers are ideal for high-value vehicles and classic cars.

Pros & Cons

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of Allied Van Lines:

✓ Offers top-tier in-house vehicle relocation services
✓ Provides a fragile-only packing service
✓ Provides live GPS tracking on all shipments

✘ Caters better to long-distance moves
✘ No sample pricing online


Allied’s list of moving services includes:

  • Boxes and moving supplies
  • Fragile-only packing
  • Shipment tracking
  • Debris removal
  • Crating of electronics
  • Full-valuation coverage
  • Short-term storage (up to 90 days) for items in transit


Moving a two-bedroom home from Salem, Oregon, to Des Moines, Iowa, early in the summer season would cost between $5,103 and $5,840, according to Allied’s online instant quote tool. The cost to move with Allied Van Lines depends on how far you’re moving, when your move is scheduled, and the size and weight of your items, among other factors. Add-on services, such as crating, vehicle relocation, and storage, will increase your total. To get a free quote from Allied Van Lines, take this quick online survey.

Learn More: Allied Van Lines Review



North American Van Lines

Our Rating: Best for Claims

In operation since 1933, North American Van Lines maintains a large network of providers across the country and globally. The company offers numerous add-on services, including electronics crating and vehicle transport, allowing customers to create customized moving packages.

North American customers can quickly file domestic or international claims directly from the homepage of the company’s website. Dedicated claims support lines are also available for those who have additional questions or prefer to file their claims over the phone.

Pros & Cons

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of North American Van Lines:

Available in all 50 states and 130 countries
Uses interactive driving simulators to train drivers
Provides discounts for American Legion and union members and their families

✘ Storage options are based on local availability and can be limited
✘ Some customer reviews mention damage to items by local moving contractors


North American’s list of moving services includes:

  • Local moving
  • Long-distance moving
  • International moving
  • Short- and long-term storage
  • Moving checklists
  • Moving calculator
  • House cleaning


The company’s online moving estimator tool provides a price range of $4,351 to $4,975 for a basic package to move a two-bedroom house in Portland, Oregon, to Denver, Colorado, in early March.The cost to move with North American Van Lines can be lower or higher than other moving companies, depending on the number and types of add-on services you may need. For a free quote from North American Van Lines, complete this quick online form.

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Our Rating: Best Overall Self-Service Mover

1-800-PACK-RAT acts as a great option for both local and long-distance moving. It supplies high-quality, weatherproof containers, and customers receive access to moving labor through 1-800-PACK-RAT’s partnership with HireAHelper. 1-800-PACK-RAT has one Oregon branch in Portland and provides its services within a 100-mile radius of the city.

Pros & Cons

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of 1-800-PACK-RAT:

Offers reputable moving assistance through HireAHelper
Provides $10,000 in contents protection on cross-country moves
Provides a large selection of online moving resources and tools

✘ Doesn’t have an online booking option
✘ Availability for interstate moves is limited based on its branch locations


1-800-PACK-RAT’s moving process allows you to order your selection of moving container(s) to your point of origin at a time of your choosing. You load the container(s) at your desired pace and notify the company when to pick the container(s) up and deliver them to your new home.

The company provides three container sizes:

  1. 8-foot (ideal for 1–2 rooms)
  2. 12-foot (ideal for 2–3 rooms)
  3. 16-foot (ideal for 3–4 rooms)

The company includes 30 days of rental for your container, and additional time can be purchased if needed for around roughly $245.


When we requested a sample quote from 1-800-PACK-RAT, the company estimated that a 16-foot container traveling from Portland to Salem would cost a total of $751.88. This estimate covers transportation, delivery, final pick-up, and 30 days of container rental. It does not include taxes. To get a free quote from 1-800-PACK-RAT, fill out this easy-to-use questionnaire.

Learn More: 1-800-PACK-RAT Review



PODS Moving & Storage

Our Rating: Most Convenient

For another excellent self-service mover for local and cross-country moves involving Oregon, we recommend PODS. The company follows the same moving process as 1-800-PACK-RAT while adding more convenience through its expansive storage facility network and cheaper rental rates, starting at $149 per month. Based on your location, you’ll receive access to moving assistance through third-party providers partnered with PODS.

Pros & Cons

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of PODS:

Offers three types of weather-proof, rolling-door portable storage units
Has over 230 storage facilities that include 24/7 security and climate-controlled units
Offers adjustable full-value contents protection plans

✘ Availability is limited based on the time of year
✘ Its quote process is longer than most moving providers


PODS offers three sizes for its moving containers: eight-foot (ideal for a studio or 500-square-foot room), 12-foot (ideal for a one-bedroom home), and 16-foot (ideal for a two-bedroom home).


We obtained a quote from PODS for a 16-foot container going from Portland to Salem for a total of $655.50. A month’s worth of rent, $10,000 in contents protection, and all transportation is included in this quote. This quote does not include taxes.

Learn More: PODS Moving & Storage Review



Which is the Best Moving Company in Oregon for You?

Before hiring an Oregon mover, consider what you’re looking for in a professional moving company. If you’re looking for a mover to tackle almost every part of your move, we recommend full-service moving companies, such as International Van Lines, Allied Van Lines, North American Van Lines, and American Van Lines.

If you’re looking to save money or undergo a DIY move, consider self-service moving container companies, such as 1-800-PACK-RAT and PODS.





Compare the Top Oregon Moving Companies

We ultimately recommend getting a quote from a few different moving companies to compare services and pricing—this will help you determine which moving service is best for your Oregon move.

Compare the Top Oregon Movers


Free Estimate



Labor Included

Quoted Price


Free Estimate

$2,015 – $3,445


Free Estimate

$6,000 – $7,000

JK Moving

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Free Estimate

$5,886 – $6,687

North American

Free Estimate

$3,712 – $4,122


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Other Considerations When Moving in Oregon

You may want to consider investing in some other home services to make your relocation to Oregon go more smoothly. Here are some of our top picks for pest control, home warranties, home security, and more:



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