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moveBuddha Review

moveBuddha’s mission is to connect homeowners and renters with reliable moving companies in their region. In this moveBuddha review, we take a close look at the service to help you determine if it’s right for you.

Author Image Written by Shane Sentelle + 1 other Reviewer Icon Reviewed by Kent Sisneros Updated 05/22/2024

moveBuddha was founded in 2015 as a way to connect homeowners and renters to reputable moving services in their area. The team works as an aggregator that generates a list of moving companies available in specific regions.

Read our comprehensive moveBuddha review to see if the service can assist you in planning your move.

Our Take on moveBuddha

The founder believes that moveBuddha simplifies the moving process, saving customers time from searching for moving cost calculators online. moveBuddha offers a variety of resources to help streamline your move. The company also provides comprehensive reviews of every moving service it recommends.

moveBuddha also values privacy and does not share contact information with third parties without customer consent.

Pros & Cons of moveBuddha

In our review of moveBuddha, we found the following pros and cons of the moving company:

Can compare multiple moving quotes in one place
Features moving cost calculator on the site
Includes “best of” lists to help narrow your search
No location-based search option on website
Mixed reviews on Trustpilot

moveBuddha Services

moveBuddha is an aggregator that rounds up moving companies and rates them based on existing reviews, government databases, Better Business Bureau profiles, and more. With moveBuddha, you can request quotes from a list of moving companies to find your best fit.

Moving Cost Calculator

moveBuddha features many options to help customers plan their move, including a Moving Cost Calculator. You can get instant ballpark pricing based on the origin of your move, where you’re moving to, and how many rooms’ worth of items and furniture you are moving.


moveBuddha’s customer resources range from “best of” guides to guides on moving out of state, moving interstate, city guides, city rankings, moving tips, and reviews.


moveBuddha’s “Should I Move for Work?” tool is designed to help customers decide if they should relocate based on where they want to work. It asks questions like if you’ve ever been to the city before, your primary reason for the move, what the commute will be like, and more.

moveBuddha Cost

As an aggregator, moveBuddha offers its services to the public for free in terms of money. However, you will have to provide a certain degree of personal information, like your name and email address, to receive your moving estimates.

Cost Estimates

moveBuddha’s Moving Cost Calculator can give you ballpark estimates for a move. By answering questions like the origin of your move, where you’re moving to, and the amount of items you’re moving, moveBuddha can generate a free estimate.

For example, here are the estimates for moving from a two-bedroom home in Raleigh, North Carolina, to a two-bedroom home in Houston.

  • Professional: $2,200-$3,550
  • Container: $2,442-$3,085
  • Freight: $2,185-$2,760
  • Rental truck: $1,142-$1,542

Keep in mind this is a rough estimate, as the actual size of your home, additional services, truck parking access, and availability can affect the actual cost.

How moveBuddha Works

While moveBuddha seems like it has a simple model, the site is not very intuitive. There is no place to enter your zip code and see a long list of options.

If you select the “find a mover” option, a page with moveBuddha’s top five recommendations will show up, with basic information, reviews, and free quote estimate finders for each of the selected top companies. You have to select “Professional Mover” from that page once it loads in order to see a list of the review articles.

moveBuddha Customer Reviews

It’s hard to get a sense of moveBuddha’s customer service, as the company has no profile with the Better Business Bureau. On Trustpilot, moveBuddha holds a 1.9 out of 5 stars based on 43 reviews, which come from a mix of satisfied and dissatisfied customers*.

Here are some moveBuddha reviews from previous customers:

Denise Zucco via Trustpilot said:

“This website was invaluable in helping me move across the country. Cross country is so very different than a local move. moveBuddha outlined in detail all the issues to think about, what to expect and what to watch out for. They then gave detailed recommendations. I highly recommend utilizing this site before you make your next move.”

A customer via Trustpilot said:

“moveBuddha refers to websites that are not registered with the Better Business Bureau, have terrible google reviews, and poor reports on the DOT website. You are much better off relying on Google than this website. I wonder whether these companies pay to be listed on the moveBuddha website.”

*Data accurate as of May 22, 2024.

Alternatives to moveBuddah

We recommend gathering several moving quotes from top companies before choosing your mover. This way you can see which one offers the best services and pricing to meet your needs and budget.

Our Conclusion

moveBuddha can be a useful aggregator with a Moving Cost Calculator, “Should I Move for Work?” tool, and detailed reviews of every moving company included on the site. However, the website is not very intuitive or easy to navigate, and there is no location-based search option. We have also received feedback from a reader who had a negative experience with a company that moveBuddha recommended.

If you’d prefer to work directly with a moving company, we recommend getting a quote directly from one of the top rated moving companies:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is moveBuddha a moving company?

moveBuddha is a moving company aggregator—not an actual moving company. It does not provide moving services itself but instead generates a list of licensed and insured moving companies with quotes and reviews.

Does moveBuddha give quotes?

moveBuddha can share ballpark estimates based on data it has amassed. This can serve as a guideline. You can request quotes from specific moving companies through the moveBuddha site as well.

Does moveBuddha have a moving cost calculator?

Yes, moveBuddha features a moving cost calculator to help you get an estimate of what your move will cost based on basic information.

Other Moving Resources

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Our Rating Methodology

We back up our moving company ratings and recommendations with a detailed rating methodology to objectively score each company. We conduct research by reading through the company websites, analyzing customer reviews, conducting consumer surveys, requesting quotes, and speaking with customer representatives. We then score each moving company against our review standards for services, contents coverage, scheduling, trailer and container options, additional benefits, and reputation to arrive at a final score out of 100.

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