Move Matcher was founded in 2018. While it is not a moving company, it is a service dedicated to helping homeowners and renters locate and connect with movers near them.

The Move Matcher team serves as an aggregator in providing a list of moving companies that are available in specific areas across the country. This online network of licensed and insured movers allows you to compare multiple companies within a single webpage.

In this Move Matcher review, we take a close look at the directory of moving professionals and how it connects you with the experts.


Our Take on Move Matcher

We rated Move Matcher an 85 out of 100, the lower score is mainly due to its lack of international moving options. We named them as having the Best Online Services.

The goal of Move Matcher is to seamlessly connect homeowners and renters with the help they need. The Move Matcher team’s goal is to provide a simple experience that customers can trust when planning a move. While users can opt into sales calls from partners, Move Matcher will not share your contact information without your consent.

Move Matcher has a strong reputation and makes it easy for you to compare cost data between moving professionals in your area. The company does not provide the actual moving services, and you cannot book your moving company through its website.


Pros & Cons of Move Matcher

✔ High rating on the Better Business Bureau
✔ Allows you to compare multiple free quotes from moving professionals
✔ Moving tools to help you prepare for relocation
✘ No complete list of locations
✘ You cannot book moving companies through its website

Move Matcher Services

Move Matcher is a free moving service directory that helps you connect with professionals in the local area. On the results page, you’ll get a list of companies, including their review ratings and estimates. Scroll through the list, find the mover(s) you like, then compare a few to make an informed decision. Choose the best option for you and then book your move date.

Move Matcher compiles its list of professionals by building relationships with rental properties, property managers, and local moving companies to get to know trusted providers. If you have a moving company or property management firm, you can sign up to partner with Move Matcher on its website.

Moving Tools

In addition to the moving professional directory, Move Matcher has a handful of other useful tools on its website to assist you in your move, which includes:

  • Cost of living calculator: Input your current salary, as well as the place you currently live and the place you’re moving to. Then, the tool will help you figure out how much cheaper or more expensive your relocation will be.
  • Moving checklist: This includes a list of tasks to handle and things to pack while planning and preparing for your move.
  • Regulations and Donations: Move Matcher provides information about moving regulations and suggestions for places to donate your unwanted belongings.

Mover Coach

For those unfamiliar, uncomfortable, or lacking the time to contact movers on their own, Move Matcher recently introduced Mover Coach—a real-life human who will happily collect your move details, gather refined estimates from Move Matcher moving service partners, and share them with you. With this service, you still get the chance to choose your own mover.


Move Matcher Availability

Move Matcher notes that it has partnerships with moving companies in major cities all around the country. Its Locations page lists populous states like California, New York, Texas, and Illinois. However, the site does not have a full list of states in which it has moving partners.

To find out if Move Matcher has a list of movers in your neighborhood, request quotes and make sure to include your current home’s address and zip code. You can also call the customer service line to learn more.

Move Matcher Cost

Because Move Matcher is not a moving company, it does not have any cost of services. This online directory of moving companies is available to the public to use for free. However, in order to receive your moving estimates, you must provide some personal information, like your name and email address.

How Move Matcher Works

Move Matcher can provide you with free quotes for your upcoming move.

To get started, visit the quote page and enter some information about yourself and your move. You’ll be asked to provide details like the starting address and your relocation destination, how many rooms are in your home, and your desired moving date.

Then, you’ll get a list of professional, licensed, and insured movers that fit the criteria you’re looking for. You can view who is available on your moving date, as well as each company’s prices, ratings, and customer reviews. And, although you’re entering some personal information, Move Matcher will not send it to the companies without your consent.

When you’re ready to select a mover from the list, you can call or email its team to reserve your moving date.

In addition to selecting movers from its directory, Move Matcher also allows you to come back and leave a review for your moving company if you had an experience you’d like to share. To leave a review, visit the “Rate Movers” page and select your state and city. Then, you’ll see a list of local providers that you can leave a rating for.


Move Matcher Customer Reviews

When you study a company’s customer service ratings, you can get a better feel for its ability to do a quality job. Seeing positive reviews about a company’s team can reassure you that it’s a trustworthy business. Move Matcher is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating*.

Because Move Matcher provides a free, online service, there’s not much of a reputation for customer service. However, some customers left comments about their experience using the platform.

Here are some Move Matcher reviews from previous customers:

“I found out about Move Matcher from my apartment community manager. The process was simple. I entered my information, criteria and Move Matcher presented the best matches for my move. I like the fact that movers were listed based on rating. Some movers included hourly rates and other included licensing credentials.”

Regina D. via Trustpilot

“I was sent a number of movers to contact. I emailed one and never received a call or email from them. When I called, their voicemail was odd and not helpful.”

Marty via Trustpilot

*BBB Rating as of November 24, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Move Matcher Best for You?

Move Matcher is a helpful resource for individuals and families who are planning a move. The service it provides is free, so it can be a great help when you want to compare multiple companies easily and make sure they’re within your budget.

While Move Matcher claims that it can help you find a mover in your area, its Locations page does not list all of the states it has partnerships in. Also, because it is a third-party tool, you cannot book any moving services with its website. You still have to reach out to a moving company itself.


Other Moving Options

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Our Rating Methodology

The This Old House Reviews Team backs up our moving company ratings and recommendations with a detailed rating methodology to objectively score each company. We conduct research by reading through the company websites, analyzing customer reviews, conducting consumer surveys, requesting quotes, and speaking with customer representatives. We then score each moving company against our review standards for services, contents coverage, scheduling, trailer and container options, additional benefits, and reputation to arrive at a final score out of 100.

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