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The Cost To Move a One-Bedroom House (2024)

Author Icon Written by Shane Sentelle Updated 04/19/2024

It’s vital to set a budget when planning your upcoming move. Drawing up a preliminary budget will help you find the best moving company for your needs. Here, we’ve broken down the costs of local and long-distance moves and the price differences between self- and full-service moves for a one-bedroom home.

Average Cost of Moving a One-Bedroom House

Local moves and long-distance relocations are billed differently. Local moves are typically billed at hourly rates. Cross-country or long-distance moves are assigned bottom-line pricing figures. We’ve collected quotes for local and long-distance moves from truck rental companies, container providers, and professional movers.

Local Moving Costs

For the pricing information in the table below, our team pulled quotes for the total cost of a local one-bedroom move in Boston. We factored in 20 miles of driving for the moving truck rental quote.

Move MethodCompanyCost

Moving truck rental



Moving container




Moving APT



International Van Lines


*Penske rate does not include fuel costs.

Long-Distance Costs

Long-distance costs can quickly increase as you approach full-service moving options. Pricing information in the table below is based on quotes we pulled for a one-bedroom interstate move between Boston and Atlanta—a move distance of nearly 1,100 miles.

Move MethodCompanyCost

Moving truck rental



Moving container




Moving APT



International Van Lines


*Penske rate does not include fuel costs.

Significant Cost Factors

Keep the following factors in mind when determining your moving budget to reduce the stress of the shopping and quote process.

Move Size

Whether your move bill is calculated using an hourly rate or line-haul fees, your move size will be one of the primary cost factors. When hiring local movers, your cost is determined by how long your goods take to load and unload. If you hire professional movers for a long-distance or cross-country relocation, you pay a bottom-line price that includes move size and distance. Either way, move costs increase for larger homes.


Additional services equal additional costs. Add-on services—such as packing, unpacking, custom crating, delivery of packing supplies before your move, and storage—dramatically impact move price. In some cases, full-service packing could come close to doubling your overall costs.

Move Date

Expect to pay more for your move during certain times of the year. May through September is the busy season for most movers. Some movers increase their rates to cope with the increased demand. Book far in advance and set aside extra money in your moving budget if you’re planning a summer move.

Home Accessibility

Many movers charge extra for long carries or multiple flights of stairs. A one-bedroom home doesn’t cost much to move under normal circumstances. However, if your home is an apartment that’s a third- or fourth-floor walkup, expect added fees. Movers typically add a fee for carries of more than 75 feet between the truck and your home. If you live on a steep hill or in a housing complex with a tight parking lot, make room in your budget.

Common Add-Ons

Add-on services are a huge cost factor in any full-service move. Here are some common add-ons that moving clients request.


Packing services are the most requested add-on for both local and long-distance moves. If yours is a local one-bedroom move, your movers can probably handle packing and moving on the same day. In most other cases, movers come to your home during the moving week to pack your goods ahead of the big day.


Crating is a custom service typically for antiques or artwork. Most larger full-service moving companies offer this service in some form. Crating involves carefully padding a high-value item before securing it in a custom-cut wooden crate. Crating items typically costs $250 and up per piece.

Debris Removal

You can request this service if you’re downsizing or have a lot of clutter. Professional moving companies typically handle this as a standalone service before or after the actual move. If that’s the case, it is billed as a standalone service and is not technically included in your moving estimate.

Car Shipping

You may be interested in paying for car shipping if your household has multiple vehicles and you’re moving across several states or the country. Rates typically range between $2.00 per mile for shorter distances and $0.60 per mile for long trips.


Some movers offer a month of free storage service with the cost of a long-distance move. Movers offer different terms for this complimentary service. Unit size and availability could vary depending on your location.

Moving Supplies

Many full-service movers and truck rental companies serve as moving supply vendors. This could be useful if you’re planning to DIY your moving preparations. Available packing materials may include the following:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Mattress bags
  • Moving boxes
  • Packing paper
  • Tape
  • Tie-downs and ratchet straps
  • Wardrobe boxes

Heavy Item Moving

Large items such as pianos and pool tables often cost extra to move. Many movers attach defined moving fees to heavy items. Ask about this during the quote process if you own specialty goods.

Assembly and Disassembly

Furniture assembly and disassembly for larger or fragile items is an option when hiring movers. Local movers fold this cost into your quote in the form of increased time spent on the job. Long-distance movers may attach an added fee for this service.

How To Plan a One-Bedroom Move

Proper planning is key, no matter the size of your home or the scope of your move. Follow these steps for a smoother planning process leading up to your move.

Eight Weeks Out

Around this time, begin getting free quotes from moving companies near you. Go through your home and compile a full inventory of everything you plan to take with you, as well as the items you plan to dispose of or leave behind. Keep these lists on hand during the quote process.  

Six Weeks Out

Start actively fielding quotes from movers in your area. Begin arranging for the removal of any belongings you’re getting rid of. Request hard copies of any moving quotes you receive. Start packing your goods at a pace of one to two boxes per day. Depending on the size of your one-bedroom home, you may not need to pack daily to remain on track for your move date.

Four Weeks Out

At the one-month mark, you should have a comprehensive idea of your move’s cost. Book with the long-distance or local moving company of your choice. Obtain copies of your moving quote and estimate. 

Additionally, contact your new utility providers and schedule switch-on dates for your new home. Schedule switch-off dates at your current residence. File a change of address form with your local post office.

Two Weeks Out

Start packing more essential items. Aim to pare down your available goods so that only essential clothing, kitchenware, and linens are left to be packed during moving week. Plan out your meals for moving week.

Moving Week

Gradually pack your essential goods. Ensure you have all your moving documents on hand. Finish all packing a day or two before moving day. Pack a moving bag that contains the following:

  • Changes of clothing
  • Essential documents
  • Financial and leasing documents
  • Laptop
  • Snacks
  • Water
  • Your new home’s keys (if you have them)

The Best Moving Companies for One-Bedroom Moves

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best one-bedroom moving companies. Whether you’re planning a local or interstate move, these providers can help:

Our Conclusion

Early planning is key to staging a successful move. A major step in the moving process is establishing your cost expectations and using that to guide you through the quote process. One-bedroom moves are fairly inexpensive by moving standards, but improper planning may lead to a bad experience. Get quotes from at least three different providers before settling on a mover, and consider the steps above when planning any relocation.

One-Bedroom Moving FAQ

Do last-minute movers cost extra?

Last-minute movers don’t always cost extra. However, you will likely find less availability when you book moves at the last minute. You may need to book with a mover that isn’t your first choice.

What items can’t I take on a move?

Most movers adhere to U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) standards regarding banned items. Your movers may have a list of prohibited items that varies from other providers. The following items are never allowed on moving trucks:

  • Batteries
  • Fertilizer
  • Fuel (gasoline, oil, kerosene, etc.)
  • High-strength cleaners
  • Live plants or animals
  • Perishable foods
  • Toxic chemicals

Can I hire movers to load a truck that I rented?

Yes, you can hire movers to load a truck that you rented. You can hire moving labor from most moving companies for packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, or any moving task.

Our Rating Methodology

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