The moving process can be difficult, stressful, and build a lot of frustration. Investing in a full-service moving company like Allied Van Lines can provide peace of mind as the company handles major steps of the moving experience for you—from packing and unpacking to loading and unloading.

Allied Van Lines can help with local moves, interstate moves, and long-distance moves, and it provides a variety of services to help customers enjoy a hassle-free moving experience.



Our Take on Allied Van Lines

We rated Allied Van Lines a 94 out of 100 and named it ‘Best for Vehicle Relocation,’ as the company provides its own movers and trucks to transport a variety of vehicles, which is a rarity in the moving industry. This service works for Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Boats, Yachts, Jet skis, Motorcycles, and other types of vehicles.

Allied Van Lines offers a large selection of full-service moving options that range from packing and unpacking services to offering packing supplies. We found the company’s specialty moving services and fragile-only packing options to be particularly useful for anyone concerned about items that might be difficult or challenging to move, such as pianos or expensive artwork.



Pros & Cons of Allied Van Lines

Here’s a look at some of the pros and cons of working with Allied Van Lines:

Pros Provides short-term and long-term storage solutions Offers GPS tracking on all shipments Offers vehicle relocation with the company’s own trucks
Cons Its moving services can be higher than competitor prices Customer reviews mention that the claims department is hard to reach and the claims process can be difficult





Allied Van Lines Availability

Allied Van Lines provides services in all 50 states and helps with both local and long-distance moves.



Allied Van Lines Moving Services

Allied Van Lines offers a variety of services, including packing and unpacking, fragile packing, and storage services. Read more about Allied Van Lines’ services below:

  • Packing and Unpacking. Qualified specialists will safely pack and unpack your belongings.
  • Loading and Unloading. Movers will make sure your belongings and furniture are properly loaded and protected in a moving truck. The movers use a combination of plastic wrap, bubble wrap, moving blankets, specialty boxes, ramps, dollies, and tie downs to protect furniture items that may shift during transit. Allied Van Lines will also check your inventory as movers unload your belongings to make sure every item is accounted for.
  • Fragile Pack Only. If you have specific items that require special attention, but you want to handle most of the packing yourself, Allied’s fragile packing service may be a great option. With this service, Allied movers can safely pack any delicate, breakable, or high-value items.
  • Extra Care Protection (ECP).  For an additional fee, you can get full-valuation coverage where Allied covers the cost to repair or replace any items that are lost, damaged, or destroyed during your move.
  • Storage Services. Allied Van Lines offers 90 days of storage for household items in transit. It also provides more permanent long-term storage for customers who require it.
  • Corporate Moves. If your office or company needs to relocate, Allied Van Lines can create a custom corporate moving package that’s tailored to your company and the move in question.
  • Packing Supplies. Allied Van Lines offers various moving and packing supplies to help you prepare for your move. You can purchase mattress boxes, mirror boxes, custom crates, dish-pack boxes, wardrobe boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and wrapping paper.
  • Custom Packing Kits. Allied Van Lines offers the option to receive moving supplies in kits customized for your move.
  • Vehicle Relocation. We find Allied Van Lines’ vehicle relocation services to be one of its best offerings. Allied supplies its own trucks and movers for auto transportation, as opposed to acting as a broker for the service. Since Allied provides this service directly, customers can save money if they pair this service with their moving package—this will prevent them from having to find an auto transportation company to help them transport their vehicle. Allied can transport cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, yachts, luxury/exotic cars, classic/antique cars, snowmobiles, jet skis, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles (RVs).



Cost of Allied Van Lines

Allied Van Lines bases its overall cost on the total weight and mileage of your move. Pricing will increase if you add additional services, such as crating, labor, and vehicle relocation, to your move. To learn how much your move with Allied Van Lines will cost, get a free quote by completing this short questionnaire.

We received the sample quote below from an Allied Van Lines representative.

  • Sample Quote: $4,730–$5,375 (2 bedroom move from Atlanta, GA to Chicago, IL)



Allied Van Lines Booking Process

Scheduling your Allied Van Lines move follows an industry-standard approach of visiting the company’s website to submit an estimate request. A moving coordinator from the company will call you and schedule a visit for an in-home estimate. Allied’s in-home estimate process allows the company to create a more accurate estimate for your move.

Once this step is complete, Allied Van Lines will work with you to schedule an exact move date.



Allied Van Lines Customer Reviews

Allied Van Lines holds an A+ rating and accreditation with the BBB.* While some reviews are positive and praise the company for its moving services, some dissatisfied customers mention damaged belongings and difficult agents.

Here are a few Allied Van Lines customer reviews from the BBB:

“On the day of my move, the local movers showed up right on time, did a quick walkthrough, and got to work. I had done most of the box packing ahead of time, but they packed a large piece of art, a few lamps, and put the clothes in my closet into wardrobe boxes. Again, they were professional and personable…They unrolled my rugs, reassembled furniture that had been taken apart for the move, and made sure I was happy with the placement of everything before they left.”
— Amelia M.

“Despite initial reasonably good face-to-face impressions with staff, our moving experience became horrendous. Severely damaged items (some appearing maliciously so), lost items, late delivery, poor communication. Moving is already costly and stressful. We thought [a] ‘full-service’ company would make it less stressful and were sadly wrong. We’ve spent more time dealing with their mistakes than it would have taken to just move everything ourselves. And [we] spent much more money than intended dealing with late, broken, and lost items.”
— Brendan

*BBB information accurate as of March 2023


Allied Van Lines vs. Other Moving Companies

Other companies similar to Allied Van Lines offer competitive rates for similar services. You also may want to consider a self-service move with a moving container company as opposed to Allied’s Do It Yourself Packing to save more money. See some of our top moving company recommendations below.

Superlative Star Rating BBB Rating Link
International Van Lines Best Full-Service Mover
American Van Lines Most Experienced Mover
Interstate Moving & Relocation Group Most Efficient
Safeway Moving Inc. Most Customer-Oriented
Moving APT Best Customer Service
JK Moving Services Most Customizable
North American Van Lines Best for Claims
Allied Van Lines Best for Vehicle Relocation
International Van Lines
Logo International Van Lines
Superlative Best Full-Service Mover
Star Rating
BBB Rating B
American Van Lines
Logo American Van Lines
Superlative Most Experienced Mover
Star Rating
BBB Rating B-
Interstate Moving & Relocation Group
Logo Interstate Moving & Relocation Group
Superlative Most Efficient
Star Rating
BBB Rating B
Safeway Moving Inc.
Logo Safeway Moving Inc.
Superlative Most Customer-Oriented
Star Rating
BBB Rating A+
Moving APT
Logo Moving APT
Superlative Best Customer Service
Star Rating
BBB Rating B
JK Moving Services
Logo JK Moving Services
Superlative Most Customizable
Star Rating
BBB Rating A+
North American Van Lines
Logo North American Van Lines
Superlative Best for Claims
Star Rating
BBB Rating A+
Allied Van Lines
Logo Allied Van Lines
Superlative Best for Vehicle Relocation
Star Rating
BBB Rating A+



Our Conclusion

Allied Van Lines offers comprehensive service options at industry-standard pricing. One major benefit of Allied is that the company acts as a carrier rather than a broker, so customers are often dealing directly with the company instead of a third-party service.

This makes the company’s vehicle relocation service particularly impressive. While most companies outsource vehicle relocation services to other professional movers, Allied offers this service in-house and saves customers money by bundling it with other full-service moving options.

To get a free quote from Allied Van Lines, fill out this simple form.



See why Allied Van lines is a great choice for your upcoming move and what to avoid when hiring movers:



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