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Best Shoe Racks of 2022

Shoe racks keep your shoes organized by holding them on separate shelves or putting dividers between them. Keep reading to learn about the best shoe racks that are available at various stores and online retailers like Amazon.

Shoe Rack Courtesy Amazon

Whether you rely on a few pairs of shoes to get you through the week or have an endless collection, a shoe rack is a great way to meet your shoe storage needs. They keep each pair of shoes in your closet organized as opposed to scattered around your room or house. Keep reading to learn about the five best shoe racks as well as buying factors that will help you pick the perfect rack for your needs.

Top 5 Shoe Racks

Best Design: Seville Classics Three-Tier Shoe Rack

Designed for those who have a constantly expanding shoe collection, this three-tiered shoe stand can support up to 90 pounds of footwear. It’s also available in other models with different tier quantities and colors.

This shoe rack features a sturdy metal frame that can be easily assembled without specialized tools. It also has wide adjustable feet to keep the structure stable on all surfaces, even irregular ones.

Most Compact: Oceanstar Two-Tier Bamboo Stackable Shoe Rack

Standing at just 15.5 inches tall, this elegant bamboo shoe holder fits in tight closets, bedrooms, and entryways. It holds up to six pairs of shoes on its two shelves that feature a vented design to improve air circulation and minimize odor.

This shoe rack is lightweight and easy to move in addition to being compact. It weighs six pounds and features smooth, curved handles for easy carrying. This makes it the perfect rack for the shoe lover who is always on the go.

Most Customizable: SONGMICS 15-Cube Shoe Rack

This rack brings a modern flair to any closet or bedroom. Instead of a standard shelf design, it features 15 cubes that can be assembled into any pattern you desire. Each cube is made from lightweight plastic, and the whole set is easy to put together with the included rubber mallet.

This product also comes with wall fasteners to prevent the shoe rack from tipping over. This allows you to build the cubes to a tall height if that’s the most efficient design for your space. It also comes in multiple neutral colors to fit the aesthetics of any room.

Most Storage: Simple Houseware Four-Tier Shoe Rack

This four-tier shoe tower comfortably fits up to 20 pairs of shoes. The bottom shelf is even raised off the ground so that you can fit your slippers, sandals, or other thin shoes underneath.

With polyester shelves and a metal frame, this shoe rack blends a low weight with a sturdy design. It’s available in multiple colors to fit with your home’s existing aesthetic, and its top two shelves are removable if four tiers are too many for you.

Best Long Rack: Home-Complete Two-Tier Shoe Rack

This shoe rack is 40 inches long to fit in horizontal spaces, such as hallways and entryways. Each tier fits six pairs of shoes for a total storage capacity of 12 pairs. It’s made from polymer plastic with a pipe-like industrial design that allows air to circulate between each shoe shelf.

DIY enthusiasts can easily assemble this shoe rack on their own. Its frame is secured by L-shaped joints that snap together without any tools. If you need more space for your shoes, this shoe rack has you covered—three, four, five, and eight-tier designs are also available.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Shoe Rack

Home shoe racks vary in terms of design, capacity, material, and more. Keep reading to learn more about the factors to consider before making a purchase.


Most shoe racks, such as the Seville Classics Three-Tier Shoe Rack and Simple Houseware Four-Tier Shoe Rack, feature a tiered design with multiple shelves stacked on top of one another. This design is sturdy and difficult to knock over. Cubed shoe racks, such as the SONGMICS 15-Cube Shoe Rack, are more customizable, as you can arrange the cubes in any shape you desire. However, they take longer to install and are less sturdy.


The best shoe rack is one that matches the size of your shoe collection, so determine how many pairs of shoes you need to store before making a purchase. Shoe racks typically have a capacity between six and 20 pairs of shoes, with a single tier being able to fit between three and six pairs.


Shoe racks consist of a metal, wooden, or plastic frame supporting shelves or cubes made from wood, plastic, mesh, fabric, or metal. Plastic shoe racks, such as the Home-Complete Two-Tier Shoe Rack, are lightweight and easy to move. However, they’re less sturdy and aesthetically pleasing than wood and metal. Wood, such as the bamboo used for the Oceanstar Two-Tier Bamboo Stackable Shoe Rack, provides a natural look. However, wet shoes can damage wood shoe racks. Metal has an industrial look. It’s durable as long as it has a powder coating for rust and corrosion prevention.


Most shoe racks are available in neutral colors, such as brown, black, gray, and white. However, if you’re looking for a pop of color, some plastic, nylon, and fabric shoe racks come in brighter colors, such as red, blue, and green.


Shoes can develop a smell over time from holding your feet. Many shoe organizers eliminate this problem by featuring a mesh or slatted design to allow air to flow around the shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What else can a shoe rack be used for?

The wide, flat-tiered design of shoe racks can hold toiletries, storage baskets, and non-perishable food items. The high sides of a shoe rack’s frame can also be used to hang purses or scarves.

How should I organize my shoes?

You can organize your shoes however you prefer. However, if you have a large shoe collection, you may wish to sort it by category. For example, you can put athletic shoes on one shelf and high-heeled shoes on another.

Why are some shoe racks slanted?

Some shoe racks have shelves that are placed at an angle rather than laying flat. This provides homeowners with a better view of their shoe collection.

How do I clean my shoe rack?

Follow this simple process for cleaning your rack:

  • Remove all of the shoes.
  • Wipe the frame and shelves with a damp rag and gentle soap or approved furniture cleaner.
  • Allow the rack to dry thoroughly before putting your shoes back on it.

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