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Add Wine Storage Under the Stairs

Use dead space under a stair case to keep wine at the ready

Some people have wizards living under their stairs; Lisa Hudson has wine. The pull-out bottle storage installed in the void beneath the stair landing in her Laguna Beach, California, home is a custom-built unit 20 inches wide, 3 feet deep, and 2 feet high that holds up to 32 bottles. The beadboard front panel is the same piece cut out for the opening, so the cabinet blends seamlessly into the wall.

Inspired to do the same? First, make sure your stairs are self-supporting and that there's no hidden wiring or ductwork in the way. Once you're in the clear, construct a box to your specs out of ¾-inch plywood. Then add slide-out shelves fitted with cutout fronts that cradle the bottles' necks—or simply fill the box with a prefab wine rack. Finish with heavy-duty glides and a decorative front panel or cabinet door. And, like magic, you've got bonus bottle storage.

This idea originally appeared in This Old House magazine and in 88 Quick and Easy Home Upgrades