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Season 42 - Watch Extra Episodes

Season 42 concludes with four Specials—Scandinavian Modern, Generation Next, Rebirth of Detroit, and Return to Paradise.

Season 42, Episode 30

S42 E30: Summer Special: Return to Paradise

Residents of Paradise, California woke on the morning of Nov. 18, 2018, to find their quiet town overtaken by an uncontrollable wildfire. The fire would burn thousands of homes, businesses, schools and make it difficult to escape—resulting in 85 deaths. This Old House follows three families on their emotional journey as they rebuild their homes.

Tom Silva with molding at the Detroit house

S42 E29: Summer Special: Rebirth of Detroit

Kevin, Richard, and Tom follow a family on their journey to restore an abandoned house in Detroit. The city has a program to bring these empty houses back to life, revitalizing the neighborhoods.

Norm Abram works with Generation Next apprentices.

S42 E28: Summer Special: Generation Next

The number of people entering the building trades is declining. This Old House launched the Generation Next initiative to encourage young people to consider the trades as a viable profession.


S42 E27: Summer Special: Scandinavian Modern

Follow the renovation of an 1887 dark, divided two-family home to a bright, open Scandinavian-style one-family, in this one-episode summer special.