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Season 18 - New Yankee Workshop Episodes

S18 E13: Wall Paneling

Norm builds elegant mahogany paneling using veneer hardwood plywood and solid custom moldings and trim

S18 E12: Corner Chair

Norm builds a corner chair out of cherry wood

S18 E11: Wall Hung Console

Norm builds a wall-hung display shelf out of mahogany

S18 E10: Storage Shed

Norm builds a 96-square foot multi-purpose shed

S18 E9: Greek Revival Bookcases

Norm builds two Greek Revival-style bookcases

S18 E8: Corner Table

Norm first searches for some rare white oak and then uses the milled wood to build a drop-leaf corner table

S18 E6-7: Router 101 Part 1-2

Norm demonstrates router techniques, the various routers available as well as bits, jigs, and other accessories such as Norm’s very own router station

S18 E5: New Yankee Shop Clock

Norm builds a cased clock and has the Klockit Company come up with a facsimile of the New Yankee logo to add to the glass panel below the clock face

S18 E4: Poker Table

Norm builds an eight-sided poker table out of mahogany with a synthetic fabric covering and recessed brass cup holders.

S18 E3: Workshop Helpers

Norm showcases his workshop helpers: A roller stand, a stock cart, and a mobile tool stand

S18 E2: Plantation Shutters

Norm builds and installs plantation shutters for an interior in his home

S18 E1: Colonial Style Mantel

Norm builds a fireplace mantel for his own master bedroom