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Season 16 - New Yankee Workshop Episodes

S16 E13: The Gardener’s Dry Sink

Norm builds a gardener’s dry sink, a place to work on plants, repot them, and store gardening tools. It’s finished with a dry sink lined with copper

S16 E12: Mission-Style Desk

Norm builds a Mission-style desk which he hopes to use for a small computer

S16 E11: The Dining Table

Norm builds an extension dining table for 10 or more that sits on a pair of Queen Anne period pedestals

S16 E10: Missing Episode: The Pier Table

S16 E9: The Lowboy

Norm builds a lowboy dressing table, the lower case of a classic highboy

S16 E7-8: The Windsor Chair - Parts 1-2

Norm builds a "Fan Back" Windsor chair with the help of chair makers Bill and Sally Wallick

S16 E6: The Dower Chest

Norm builds a dower chest and calls on a decorative painter to recreate typical Pennsylvania Dutch artwork

S16 E5: The Tall Case Oak Clock

Norm builds a grandfather clock, combining an Arts & Crafts-style case with some delightful sounding chimes

S16 E4: The Shaker Bookcase

Norm builds a 19th Century Shaker bookcase, unusual for most Shaker designs

S16 E3: The Flower Stand

Norm builds a flower stand, the flower vendor’s classic three-tiered display shelf

S16 E2: The Folding Screen

Norm builds a folding room screen, an attractive alternative to divide a room or to seal off an unwanted view

S16 E1: Butterfly Table

Norm builds a "Butterfly" table, named for the graceful drop leaves and the wing-like supports that hold the tabletop straight