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construction worker mounts a soffit on the roof eaves

How Much Does Fascia Board Replacement Cost? (2024 Guide)

Typical cost range: $7–$40 per linear foot

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Author Icon Written by Angela Bunt Updated 03/25/2024

Exterior shingles or tiles might come to mind when you think about your roof. What about what’s underneath? Fascia and soffits, the edges and undersides of your roof, play critical roles in your roof’s protection and are essential in preventing water damage. Below, we’ll break down the costs related to soffits and fascia board replacement, the latter of which can run consumers between $7 and $40* per linear foot for materials and labor.

*Cost data in this article was sourced from Home Advisor and Angi.

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Roof shingles with garret house on top of the house among a lot of trees. dark asphalt tiles on the roof background
Asphalt Shingle Roofing

The cost of asphalt shingle roof installation can range from $5,994–$9,791.

Man working on a flat roof
Roof Repair

Typically, the average cost of roof repair ranges between $379 and $1,755

House With a Metal Roof
Metal Roofing

A new metal roof costs an average of $9,150–$16,743.


What Are Fascia Boards?

Fascia boards are the horizontal boards that run the length of most pitched roofs’ eaves, covering and enclosing the rafters’ ends. They keep water, pests, and debris from getting underneath the decking. Fascia boards are typically made of wood, aluminum, vinyl, or composite and are essential to supporting the weight of gutters that fill with water. 

Flaking paint on wooden fascia boards to a side of a brick built building

If you look underneath your roof’s overhang, you’ll see soffit boards, which protect the rafters’ undersides and ensure proper airflow within the roof. If you’re replacing your fascia, it may be time to replace your soffit boards as well.

What Are Major Fascia Board Replacement Cost Factors?

Here are the primary factors that determine fascia costs.

  • Board length: The more fascia materials you need, the more your project costs.
  • Labor: Professional installation adds to the price per linear foot.
  • Material: Wood, fiber cement, and composite fascia materials cost less than PVC, vinyl, or aluminum.
  • Soffit replacement: The total cost of the project will increase if you choose to replace your soffits at the same time.

Fascia Board Material Options

Though synthetic and waterproof options are more expensive, they’re more durable and are becoming more popular. Wood is the more cost-effective choice but is more susceptible to rot and water damage and requires more frequent painting and sealing.

Though the priciest option, aluminum fascia boards are the most durable and require little maintenance. 
Downspout Off the Roof
Composite is a combination of wood particles and plastic resin. Composite fascia is more durable and weatherproof than wood. Keep in mind that some models are difficult to install or paint.
white composite fascia on the side of a home
This material is sometimes referred to by its brand name, Hardie. Fiber cement fascia is made of a combination of cement and cellulose fibers. It’s durable and relatively inexpensive.
home with fiber cement fascia
Plastic PVC boards are usually created to resemble wood grain, but unlike wood, they won’t rot. Note that PVC requires specialty installation.
home with PVC fascia board
Another type of plastic, vinyl, makes for a lightweight, waterproof fascia board. However, it’s more expensive than other alternatives. While it’s often available in various baked-in colors, it’s difficult to paint.
Wood is inexpensive, easy to install, and easy to paint or stain. However, it’s the least sturdy option.
Roofline with wooden Soffit fascia board

Cost by Material

Here’s a breakdown of prices per material by linear foot:

MaterialCost per Linear Foot





Fiber cement








Length of Fascia Boards

Fascia boards are typically priced by the linear foot, so the more you need, the more the project will cost. To determine how much you need, use a tape measure to find the length of each edge of your roof and add these measurements together. Ensure the widths of the boards are at least two inches longer than the ends of your roof’s rafters. 

Replacing Soffits

Many homeowners replace soffits and fascia at the same time because of their similarities. Soffit replacement costs are typically higher. Soffit boards often come in pre-cut 12-foot sections but can be customized. Here’s how much each selection is likely to cost:

Soffit TypeCost










The labor for fascia repair and replacement is typically between $6 and $20 per linear foot, while the cost to fix or install a soffit is usually between $1.50 and $3 per linear foot. Fascia and soffit installation cost more where the cost of living is higher.

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What Are Additional Fascia Board Cost Factors?

The following considerations may impact the cost:


Roofers may charge more for difficult-to-access fascia boards. Obstructions such as trees or dense shrubbery may increase costs, and you should expect to pay more if your house has multiple stories. 

Scope of Replacement

The average single-story home has about 250 linear feet of fascia boards, which will amount to $1,750 to $10,000 for total replacement. If damage to the fascia is localized because of an event like a storm, you may only need to replace some of the material.

Additional Work

A fascia board that has been damaged for a long time may have been compromised by water or pests, which will impact the cost of roof repair. Depending on how severe and widespread damage is, you may need to consider the following:

How To Save on Fascia Board Replacement
If you hire a pro, you can save on fascia and soffit replacement costs with the following tips:
Compare current costs to future costs. Wood may be less expensive now, but high-end options will last longer and require less maintenance work.
Request quotes from at least three local contractors before making your final choice.
Once you’ve installed your new fascia, keep up with roof maintenance to ensure the materials last as long as possible. Be diligent about keeping gutters clear, ensuring the drip edge is in good condition, and regularly sealing and painting wood fascia.
Roofers are generally busiest in the spring and summer. If weather permits, hire pros during the off-season when rates may be cheaper.
You may save on total labor costs by replacing fascia, roof drip edges, and gutters at the same time.

Should You DIY vs. Professional Fascia Board Replacement?

This may be a home improvement job you can take on yourself. However, there are also good reasons to hire a licensed roofing company.

DIY Fascia Board Replacement

An experienced DIYer can save on installation costs by replacing fascia boards themselves. The process comes with risks, as you’ll be working with power tools atop a ladder. You’ll also need a hammer, carpentry nails, a circular saw, a miter saw, and protective equipment. 

Remember that the fascia board must be held in place as you nail it down, so you’ll need a certain amount of strength and, likely, an assistant. You may need to finish the project by reinstalling gutters and drip edges.

Professional Fascia Board Replacement

This Old House Tip
We recommend hiring professional roofing contractors for this job because of the risks involved and the complexity of roofing systems. A professional roofer will fit the fascia properly with gutters and drip edges. You don’t want to deal with roof replacement expenses any sooner than necessary.

How To Hire a Professional Roofer

When comparing professional roofing companies, here’s what to look for:

  • In most states, roofing contractors are required to have a special license. Make sure this license is current.
  • All contractors and subcontractors who work on your home should be bonded and insured.
  • Check the company’s Better Business Bureau page to see how long the company has been in business, how it’s rated, and whether it’s accredited.
  • Ask for references from satisfied customers, and check customer reviews on sites such as Trustpilot.
  • Ask about the timeline for project completion.

Our Conclusion

To help extend your roof’s lifespan and keep it functioning properly, your fascia boards must be in good condition. If they’re rotting, warped, or unable to hold up the gutters, it’s time to replace them. We recommend hiring a licensed roofer for this project to minimize the risks to your safety. 

Our team rated regional and national roofing companies based on 24 factors. Learn more about our rating methodology for top roofing companies.

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FAQ About Fascia Board Replacement

How much does it cost per linear foot to install a fascia board?

The cost to install fascia boards runs between $1 and $20 per linear foot for materials and $6 to $20 per linear foot for labor.

How difficult is it to replace fascia?

An experienced DIYer can pry out old fascia boards and replace them on their own. However, you must practice proper ladder safety and will likely need an assistant to help you hold the boards in place.

How do I know if my fascia board is bad?

Visible cracks, splits, and holes are signs that your fascia boards are bad. If the paint is peeling or there is mold, moss, or wet spots, get a screwdriver and poke the board. If the screwdriver goes into the board, replacement is likely necessary.

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