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The 5 Best Snow Rakes (2021 Review)

To help make the snow removal process easier, the This Old House Reviews team researched the five best snow rakes on Amazon and created a comprehensive buyer’s guide that details the most important factors to consider before buying a snow rake. The products included in this article are available at various home improvement stores and online retailers like Amazon.

TUFFIOM Snow Rake Courtesy Amazon

Snow rakes have a long pole and a wide head to make clearing snow easy. They’re most commonly used to remove snow on roofs, but some snow rakes are small enough to work on cars or sidewalks.

To help you find the best snow rake for your snow removal needs, the This Old House Reviews team researched the top-rated snow rakes on Amazon and created a comprehensive buyer’s guide. Keep reading to learn about the best snow rakes on Amazon, as well as important factors to consider before choosing a model.

Most Durable: Garant GPRR24 Yukon 24-Inch Poly Blade Snow Roof Rake

This snow rake has a U-shaped blade that’s 24 inches wide that can be used to quickly remove several feet of snow from your roof. Additionally, the rake has an anti-slip grip and a light aluminum handle for maximum comfort.

Key Features

  • Has a 24-inch polyethylene blade
  • Features a five- to 15-foot aluminum handle
  • Weighs 4.2 pounds

What Customers Are Saying

Over 700 customers have reviewed this snow rake on Amazon and gave it an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, with 86% of customers giving it 4 or 5 stars and only 6% of customers giving it 1 or 2 stars.

Customers liked how lightweight the rake was, with one customer saying she was able to use the rake to clear her roof without help from anyone else. Some customers said that the pole and head flexed under too much weight but that the rake was still able to get the job done. Other customers said that their product arrived without the hardware that kept the pole and head together.

Best Grip: TUFFIOM Extendable Aluminum Snow Rake

Like most snow rakes, this one from TUFFIOM has a rubber grip at the base of the pole to make gripping it easier. However, its grip has a unique feature that other snow rakes don’t—a rim. The rim catches any snow or water that runs down the pole before it touches your hand.

Key Features

  • Has a 19.3-inch aluminum blade
  • Features a five- to 20-foot aluminum handle
  • Weighs 8.08 pounds

What Customers Are Saying

This snow rake has a few Amazon reviews and an average rating of 4.5 stars. Like the first product, 86% of customers gave this snow rake a 4- or 5-star review. However, it had fewer 1- and 2-star reviews, with only 4% of customers giving it one of those ratings.

Customers liked how they could customize the rake’s handle length to fit their specific needs. They also liked that the blade was made of aluminum and that the rake resisted cracks. Some customers stated that the pole bent during use, with one customer saying that it still wouldn’t bend back into place even after the load was out of the head.

Best Non-Abrasive Head: Donkey Auto Products Professional Heavy Duty Snow Rake

The head on this rake has a vinyl coating along its edges to prevent the blade from damaging any surfaces. It’s most commonly used on cars because its coating prevents the head from scratching a vehicle’s paint job.

Key Features

  • Has a 17.5-inch vinyl-coated blade
  • Features a 48-inch steel handle
  • Weighs 0.95 pounds

What Customers Are Saying

This snow rake received an average rating of 4.5 stars, with 84% of customers giving it a 4- or 5-star rating. Most customers used this rake on their cars instead of on their roofs because of its short handle and light-duty head. However, they said it performed well and didn’t leave any scratches on their car’s paint. While there aren’t many negative reviews, one customer was unsatisfied with the rake’s small handle.

Best Slide: SNOWPEELER Aluminum Roof Shovel

This SNOWPEELER rake has a plastic sheet called a slide that hangs from the blade, forcing the raked snow to move down this sheet and providing you with more control of where the snow lands. Additionally, this rake is designed with protective glide pads to prevent you from damaging your roof.

Key Features

  • Has an 18-inch aluminum blade
  • Features a five- to 20-foot aluminum handle
  • Weighs 9.3 pounds

What Customers Are Saying

This snow shovel has over 300 customer reviews on Amazon. Although it has the highest percentage of 4- and 5-star reviews compared to the other products in this review, it has a slightly lower average rating of 4.4 stars.

Customers were pleased with the efficiency of this product. Several customers said they were able to clear their roofs of several feet of snow in less than half an hour thanks to the product’s open head. However, some customers said the rake was too heavy and required them to have a decent amount of upper body strength to remove any snow.

Best Wheels: Extreme Max 5600.3207 Shingle-Saver 21-Foot Roof Snow Rake

The angled blade on this snow rake has small rollers on its sides, preventing the edges from touching the roof and making it less likely for you to damage shingles. Additionally, the rake is made of lightweight aluminum, which is easy to maneuver and corrosion-resistant.

Key Features

  • Has a 24-inch polypropylene blade
  • Features a five- to 21-foot aluminum handle
  • Weighs 5.8 pounds

What Customers Are Saying

This rake has over 500 reviews on Amazon and an average rating of 4.3 stars. While the Extreme Max rake has a lower rating than some of the other snow rakes we reviewed, it has a higher percentage of 4- and 5-star reviews compared to the other products.

Customers said that this rake was easy to use even if they weren’t in the best shape. Because of the rake’s wheels, customers didn’t have to lift the blade on and off the roof, which decreased how much upper body strength they needed to have. However, several customers said that the rake wasn’t strong enough to handle heavy-duty jobs and remove several feet of snow.

Buying Guide

The This Old House Reviews team researched the most important factors to consider before buying a snow rake.


When looking at a snow rake’s pole, consider its size, material, and ergonomics.

Pole Size

Snow rake poles are usually between 14 and 24 feet long. The longer the pole, the more roof you’ll be able to access and the less control you’ll have over the rake. To aid in storage and to ensure that you’re not handling an unwieldy pole, look for a snow rake that can be lengthened and shortened.

Some poles come with several segments, allowing you to shorten your pole by pulling out one of these segments. Other telescoping poles allow you to pull the pole out to the length you want.

Pole Material

The pole should be lightweight and resistant to corrosion. Aluminum fulfills both of these requirements, making it the most common material used in snow rake poles, but some rakes come with fiberglass poles.


Look for a snow pole that has a rubber or foam grip for a comfortable gripping experience.


Consider the size and material of your snow rake’s blade before making a purchase.

  • Blade size—Snow rake blades range in depth from three inches to 10 inches and in width from 12 inches to 24 inches. Larger blades allow you to remove more snow at once, but a blade full of wet snow can be difficult to remove from your roof.
  • Blade material—The best blade material is aluminum, but some snow rakes have plastic heads to make them more lightweight.


The weight of your snow rake is directly related to the size and material of its pole and blade. Snow rakes usually weigh between four and 14 pounds, with most of the weight being in the head. Balance how much snow you want to remove with how heavy of a rake you can handle.

Extra Features

Some snow rakes have wheels or snow slides to help with mobility.

  • Wheels—Some rakes like the Extreme Max Shingle-Saver 21-Foot Roof Snow Rake have wheels on their blade to prevent the blade from touching the roof, reducing the possibility of roof damage.
  • Slides—Snow rakes like the SNOWPEELER Aluminum Roof Shovel have a plastic sheet that hangs from the blade. As you rake snow, the snow will run down this sheet and onto the ground, giving you more control of where the snow lands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a snow rake damage my roof?

A roof rake is designed to cause minimal damage, but you should still be careful while using one. Try not to slam the rake on the roof or violently pull a chunk of snow off the roof. Consider buying a rake with wheels, as this will prevent the rake’s blade from ever touching the roof.

Does my snow rake require maintenance?

Not really. Consider storing your snow rake inside or in a shed while it’s not in use, and inspect the rake before using it to ensure its bolts are secure and no pieces are broken.

What are ice dams?

Ice dams form when ice builds along the edge of your roof. This buildup prevents any snow that’s higher on the roof from sliding to the ground. Once an ice dam has formed, it can be difficult to remove and be potentially harmful to your roof because it requires some force to break the ice. To prevent ice dams from forming, clear the edge of your roof of snow.

How can I remove snow from other areas of my property?

You can use snow shovels or snow blowers to remove snow from your lawn, driveway, and walkways. You can also take a preventative approach and apply snowmelt to your driveways and sidewalks ahead of a storm. This will melt the snow as it falls, preventing it from accumulating.

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