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Why More Pets Go Missing on July 4th Than Any Other Day of the Year

Prep your dog for noisy fireworks on Independence Day

People ooh and ahh at fireworks, but unexpected, intermittent loud noises tend to have the opposite effect on dogs. That’s why more pets go missing on July 4th than on any other day of the year. Make a plan before the Fourth to ensure your pooch stays safe. If he is already anxiety-prone, a visit to the vet could help with prep. Your dog’s doc may even recommend a prescription medication like Sileo or Trazodone. There are lots of calming products to be found in pet stores, though many vets say their efficacy depends on the individual dog. Some pet owners swear by the ThunderShirt (from $40; Thunderworks), which soothes with gentle, all-over pressure. At the very least, keep your dog indoors during the display. If your pet is crate-trained, the crate is an ideal safe space. Otherwise, confine him to one room. Close doors and windows, and create background buzz with a TV, stereo, or white-noise machine. And if someone can stay home, that helps, too; after all, man is dog’s best friend.