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The 5 Best Rat Poisons (2022 Review)

Rats can ruin your food, destroy your home, and spread disease. In this review, the This Old House Reviews Team researched the five best rat poisons available on Amazon to help you find the product that’s right for you. The products included in this article are available at various retail stores, local home centers, and online retailers like Amazon.

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Rats are more than just a nuisance—they can spread diseases and chew through wooden structures. When homeowners see a rat, they often panic, but with the right poison, it’s an easy problem to take care of. To help you select the product that’s right for your needs, the This Old House Reviews Team researched the best rat poisons on Amazon. Here are our top five recommendations.

Top 5 Rat Poisons

Best For Outdoors: Motomco All-Weather Bait Chunks

Rats can be just as big of a problem outdoors as they are indoors. These all-weather chunks. are moisture- and mildew-resistant, allowing them to work both indoors and outdoors. Be sure to place them within 100 feet of man-made structures and out of reach of pets and children. These chunks can last without disintegrating even when exposed to rain, snow, or other precipitation.

Key Features

  • Chunk bait
  • Four-pound container
  • Effective on rats and mice

What Customers Are Saying

Customers felt that these chunks were easy to use, worked both indoors and outdoors, and eliminated a large number of rats and mice. However, some customers were disappointed that the poison didn’t contain the powerful rodenticide bromadiolone. They thought that this might have contributed to the chunks taking days to kill rodents.

Most Versatile: Motomco Bait Chunx Pail

This product uses bromethalin to eliminate a wide variety of rodents, including Norway rats, roof rats, house mice, and meadow voles. The four-pound bucket is filled with large poison chunks. The chunks have a hole drilled through them, so you can hang them from a pole as well as place them on the ground.

Key Features

  • Chunk bait
  • Four-pound container
  • Effective on Norway rats, roof rats, house mice, meadow voles, and more

What Customers Are Saying

Customers who left positive reviews for this rat poison liked that it was weatherproof, easy to put out, and attractive to rats and mice. However, customers who left negative reviews for this product didn’t like that it was dangerous to have around pets. Some also said that it didn’t always kill the rats that ate it.

Best Seeds: Motomco Meal Bait

These seeds attract mice and rats by looking, smelling, and tasting like real food. They have bromethalin mixed into their oat and nut formula to poison rats without them knowing it. They also come in a five-pound container. With the built-in handle, you can carry the poison to and from storage or tip the container to dump a pile of seeds on the ground.

Key Features

  • Seed bait
  • Five-pound container
  • Effective on Norway rats, roof rats, and house mice

What Customers Are Saying

Happy customers said that the seeds were easy to spread and able to kill large infestations from rats and other pests. However, some unhappy customers claimed that mice and rats sometimes avoided eating the seeds. Others said that they arrived poorly packaged.

Best Pellets: Neogen Ramik Green Rodenticide

These nuggets have a similar formula to other baits with poison mixed into oats and grains. However, they step up the game by also using a fish smell as an attractant. Plus, because they come in a large 20-pound bucket, they’re suitable for widespread infestations.

Key Features

  • Pellet bait
  • 20-pound container
  • Effective on rats, mice, and meadow voles

What Customers Are Saying

Those who were satisfied with this poison liked that it worked well on multiple types of rodents and was easy to disperse. However, those who were unsatisfied with the product said that it was less effective than traditional traps.

Best Spray: Natural Armor Peppermint Repellent

For those looking for a spray option, this product uses peppermint essential oil to repel rats and mice. It can be used both inside and outside. It’s also easy to apply—simply shake the container, and spray the liquid out of the nozzle.

Key Features

  • Spray repellent
  • One-gallon container
  • Effective on rats and mice

What Customers Are Saying

Positive reviews for this spray said that it didn’t have an overwhelming smell, was long-lasting, and eliminated unwanted insects. However, those who left negative reviews claimed that the pump leaked and was difficult to use.

Buyer’s Guide

Rat poison is a useful and easy way to get rid of rats. To narrow down your search, consider the following factors.

Type of Poison

The main types of rat poisons include acute toxins, calcium releasers, and anticoagulants. Acute toxins release a small amount of poison into the rodent’s bloodstream until it builds up to a lethal dose. Meanwhile, calcium releasers increase the total amount of calcium in a rat’s bloodstream, causing its organs to shut down. Anticoagulants cause internal bleeding, which leads to death once the rat loses too much blood.

None of these options are painless deaths, so if that’s something you’re conscious of, you may want to look into other ways of killing rats, such as snap traps.

Type of Bait

Rat poison is available in block, chunk, nugget, seed, and bar forms. Ultimately, there is little difference between these forms. Larger pieces, such as blocks, chunks, and bars, may be slightly easier to set up and less messy.

Kill Time

Poisons are either slow- or fast-acting. While slow-acting poisons take days to kill rodents, they can usually kill more. This is because the rodent may carry the poison back to its friends, thinking that it’s sharing a meal. Fast-acting poisons work right away, but other rats may catch on and learn to avoid these baits.


Standard rat poisons are made with chemicals that are also toxic to pets and humans. However, if you’re using a repellent as opposed to bait, you can usually find options with non-toxic formulas. These repellents are usually made from natural ingredients, such as peppermint oil. While anyone can use them, they’re particularly useful in homes with pets and children who don’t know not to ingest pest poison.

How To Prevent Rats

Instead of eliminating rats, avoid an infestation altogether with preventative measures.

Fill holes and cracks

Most rats can squeeze through a hole that’s around the size of a quarter. Go around your home, and make sure any holes or cracks of this size are filled. Pay special attention to doors, windows, basements, and garages.

Don’t leave food out

Rats are coming into your home to look for food. Prevent them from accessing any by keeping trash cans close, wiping counters, and storing food in a fridge or airtight container.

Remove possible habitats

Rats are drawn to areas where they can hide, such as in old appliances or cars, piles of wood, metal, or trash, and heavy vegetation. Eliminate as many of these habitats as possible to steer rats in a different direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does rat bait work?

While the specific method of killing varies depending on the type of poison in the bait, all rat bait works in generally the same way. A rat sees the poison as food and eats it. The poison eventually works its way through the rat’s body, killing it.

How long do poisons take to kill rats?

Fast-acting poisons kill rats within hours, while slow-acting ones can take as long as a week.

How do I know if I have a rat infestation in my home?

Here are some common signs that rats are living in your house:

  • Urine or droppings on the floor
  • Scurrying or squeaking sounds
  • Damage to baseboards

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