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New Yankee Workshop: The Clancy Boat

Norm Abram builds himself a small but seaworthy boat

Season 7 of New Yankee Workshop is now streaming on the TOH website.

One memorable project from the season spanned two episodes (8 and 9) and featured Norm at his maritime best: building a small wooden sailboat called a Clancy, an example of which Norm had seen at the Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle. Norm used marine veneer mahogany plywood and an epoxy and fiberglass system to ensure his Clancy would be watertight.

The 10-foot-long boat consists of just 29 parts, and on the show Norm carefully goes through every step, from the first plank to the finished deck. If you’d like to follow suit, remember the measured plans are available to Insiders for free.

To get the free plan, start here.