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GenNEXT Spotlight: Horticulture Students at Newton

Roger Cook finishes up at the Newton house project—with a little help from the students of Minuteman Regional Vo-Tech High School

It was a hard day’s work for the landscape crew at Newton, and Roger Cook loved every minute—teenagers were doing the heavy lifting!

Horticulture students from Minuteman Regional Vo-Tech High School in Lexington, Massachusetts, planted apple trees, peach trees, roses, and other plants around the Delfino yard, bringing the promise of future blooms and fruit.

Of particular interest were the roses: They had been coddled at Roger’s nursery for months, after being removed by him and homeowner Liz Delfino at the start of the renovation with the hope that they could return to the yard where Liz’s mom had first planted them. Mission accomplished!

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