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Best 5 Solar Companies in Cheyenne, WY

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Written By Max Peterson|Last Updated: February 05, 2024

Cheyenne residents are intentional about conserving resources and living sustainably. That includes using alternative energy sources like solar. With all the options to choose from in this vibrant community, you might feel overwhelmed searching for the right installer. Discover Cheyenne's best solar companies and learn essential decision-making tips on this page.

Best High-Efficiency System
  • Builds custom, high-efficiency solar systems suited to each home
  • Extensive coverage area throughout the country
  • Offers energy storage and EV charger add-ons

Top Cheyenne Solar Companies

Next Energy Solar Logo

Next Energy Solar

Based on 80 customer reviews.

Services Offered

Cleaning And MaintenancePanel Installation


  • Reliable customer support
  • Informative resources
  • Clear pricing policy
8925 Pieper Road Building A, Unit D, Wellington, CO 970-900-2003 nextenergy.solar
Alt E Wind & Solar, Ltd. Logo

Alt E Wind & Solar, Ltd.

Based on 32 customer reviews.

Services Offered

Panel InstallationFinancing AssistanceConsultationCleaning And Maintenance


  • Clear pricing policy
  • Reliable customer support
  • Free quotes
734 Elk Ranch Ln, Fort Collins, CO 970-482-7652 altewindandsolar.com
Solar Pathways Energy & Electrical Logo

Solar Pathways Energy & Electrical

Based on 17 customer reviews.

Services Offered

Panel InstallationSolar Panel UpgradesSkilled RepairsCleaning And MaintenanceSolar Carports


  • Clear pricing policy
  • Reliable customer support
  • Prompt service delivery
155 Boardwalk Dr Unit 507, Fort Collins, CO 970-449-6270 solarpathways.com
Sandbox Solar LLC Logo

Sandbox Solar

Based on 23 customer reviews.

Services Offered

Off-Grid Solar SystemsSystem DecommissioningPanel InstallationPermit AssistanceSkilled RepairsConsultationBattery StorageCleaning And Maintenance


  • Informative resources
  • Free quotes
  • Reliable customer support
341 63rd Ave, Greeley, CO 970-673-7733 sandboxsolar.com

More Local Solar Companies

Solargize, LLC

User Reviews: 4.0/5 

2580 E Harmony Rd suite 201-51
Fort Collins, CO 80528

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Ranking Methodology

Our team has carefully researched dozens of solar installers near Cheyenne, concentrating on the following criteria:

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Facts about Cheyenne
Average Max Temp:58°F
Solar Payback Period:10.2 years
Average Daily Sunlight:58%
Homes Powered by Solar:331
Average Annual Energy Bill:$1,566
Solar Power per Capita Percentile:48.0%

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Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar energy offers multiple advantages that will enhance your home for years to come.

  • Lower utility costs: Producing some or all of your own electricity will spend less on electricity long-term.
  • Reduced carbon footprint: The sun is one of the universe's most abundant clean energy sources, meaning you can lower or beat your home's dependence on non-renewable sources.
  • Better energy independence: Solar panels can keep your home running through emergencies and blackouts, giving you additional security. You can use your solar energy anytime with optional battery backup.

What Solar Incentives Are Available to Cheyenne Homeowners?

Wyoming agencies and electric companies offer a number of solar incentives to help minimize your solar system costs. Here's a breakdown of relevant solar programs where you live.

Incentive Type: PACE Financing

Incentive Amount:

Local governing body must provide an explanation of any proposed program to utility distributing energy or natural gas to the area no later than 30 days prior to implementing said program.

Incentive Type: Rebate Program

Website: thermwise.com

Incentive Amount:

Appliance Rebates
Smart Thermostat: $50
Water Heaters: $100-$750
Tankless Water Heater: $350
Solar Assisted Water Heater: $750
Furnace: $200-$400
Boiler: $400-$600
Fireplace: $200

Weatherization Rebates
R-5 Windows: $2.50/sq. ft.
Wall Insulation: $0.30/sq. ft.
Floor Insulation: $0.20/sq. ft.
Attic Insulation: $0.07-$0.25/sq. ft.

Incentive Type: Rebate Program

Website: carbonpower.com

Incentive Amount:

Off-Peak Heating: $16/kW
Heated Floors: $12/kW
Electric Thermal Storage: $4/kW
Electric Water Heaters: $30-$50/unit plus $1.50-$3.00/gallon
Heat Pump Water Heaters: $350/unit
Desuperheater: $100/unit
Refrigerators/Freezers: $30/unit
Refrigerator/Freezer Recycling: $60
Clothes Washers: $30-$40/unit
Clothes Dryers: $90/unit
Dishwashers: $20/unit
LED Lamps: 50% of cost
Air Source Heat Pumps: $300-$450/ton plus $100/unit for integrated controlled ETS backup
Terminal Heat Pumps: $85/unit
Ground Source Heat Pump: $500/ton
Air Conditioners: $100-$150/unit plus $25/unit for lifetime warranty
Low Income Weatherization: up to $500

Incentive Type: Personal Tax Credit

Website: ecowatch.com

Incentive Amount:

30% federal tax credit for systems placed in service after 12/31/2021 and before 01/01/2033. Good for: solar water heat, solar photovoltaics, biomass, geothermal heat pumps, wind (small), fuel cells using renewable fuels.

How To Choose the Best Solar Company in Cheyenne

The price and performance of solar panels often depend on the solar company that mounted them. Consider all of these factors in your service provider search.

Licensing and Training

In Wyoming, anyone who installs a solar energy system must be a licensed electrical master and work for an electrical contractor. The state doesn't treat solar energy installation as different from any other electrical job. Solar installers can also earn certificates from standards organizations and trade groups. The top ones in the industry come from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. Most company websites will prominently display earned credentials, but you should also ask your estimator for more information.

Cost of Solar Panels in Cheyenne

Your solar panels' model will influence how much electricity you can produce. Monocrystalline panels perform the best but cost the most. Polycrystalline panels generate less, but they're a great traditional option for low budgets. Thin-film panels are excellent for non-traditional roof shapes and cost the least, but don't work well for large residential installations.

If you'd like to charge an electric vehicle (EV) or use your solar power in cloudy weather, you can pay extra for add-ons. By selecting the right components, you can make your panel array more effective and user-friendly. Not every solar company provides these extras, so look for a provider that sells them if it's a priority for you.

You can plan to spend about $17,900 on average for a five-kilowatt solar energy system in Cheyenne. Use the table in this section to get an idea of how much Cheyenne solar companies might quote for your specific system.

Solar Panel CostAverage Cost
Solar Monocrystalline$1,118
Solar Polycrystalline$872
Solar Battery$715
Solar Home EV Charger$2,683

Financing Solar Energy in Cheyenne

Choosing the optimal financing plan will impact your overall solar system cost and possible savings. Common payment options include loans, cash payments, power purchase agreements, and leases. Most solar experts recommend a cash payment or using a solar loan. Cash payments demand a large up-front sum, but they help you avoid paying interest, grant you system ownership, and qualify you for cost-saving incentives. Solar loans have the same benefits, though you'll pay more in total due to interest and fees. Similar to a car or home loan, you'll pay a set monthly rate with as little as $0 down. Solar leases involve paying a set monthly rate to use rooftop panels. A PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) lets you pay a monthly rate based only on the energy you use, as with an electric bill. We typically don’t recommend these two choices because you won't own the solar system and are disqualified from using solar incentives. Look for companies that offer several payment plans to find the right fit for your wallet.

The table below lists the average payback periods for different capacities of solar systems in Cheyenne.

You are eligible for a 26% federal tax credit for new solar energy equipment until the year 2032. Municipal and state governments and utility companies might also offer rebates, discounts, and unique financing solutions that could save you more.

Solar System CapacityEstimated Payback period
1 kW2.0 years
2 kW4.1 years
5 kW10.2 years
10 kW20.4 years

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Frequently Asked Questions About Solar in Cheyenne

How much money could I save by going solar in Cheyenne?

Most Cheyenne homeowners spend about $1,566 on energy each year. Your costs could drop by $1,211.68 for each kilowatt you generate after you pay off a solar array.

Is solar energy readily available in Cheyenne?

Yes, solar energy is reaching new heights in Cheyenne. Some homes already use solar power on-site or through utility grids, and they're supported by a state solar economy with 159 jobs and counting.

Will solar panels raise my Cheyenne home price?

Yes, new solar systems translate to higher property values according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL.) Homeowners could project a $20 property value increase for each dollar they save on energy. Therefore, $600 in energy savings could boost your property value by $12,000.

How many years does a typical solar system last?

Modern solar systems are designed for durability. The average model lasts at least 25 years. Lower-cost panels tend to have reduced longevity than premium models.

Is installing solar panels a fast job?

There's no universal answer for how long a solar project might take. Ultimately, it depends on local weather, system size, panel style, the necessary prework, and the permitting and inspection process. Many homeowners can be solar-ready within two months from their initial estimate visit.

What upkeep do my solar panels need, and how often do they need it?

Solar panels don't demand much upkeep to keep working for your home. All you'll need to do is clean and inspect the panels every six months or as necessary in dusty seasons. Solar companies frequently offer maintenance packages to help you in your system's care.

How are a solar lease and PPA different?

After you sign a power purchase agreement, your solar contractor will not charge to install or maintain your new panel array. Instead, you'll pay them only for the electricity you generate. Typically, PPAs last for 10–25 years or until you "buy out" of the contract.

If you choose a lease, you'll make fixed payments each month.

With both leases and PPAs, you don't own your panels and lose eligibility for some incentives. Further, you'll have to "buy out" or transfer the contract if you sell your home during the term.

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